Are there international students at Miami Ad School?

You're going to be in great company as more than 25% of the students studying at Miami Ad School are from somewhere else in the world.

Miami Ad School has lots of international students from places all over the alphabet: Australia, Bulgaria, Columbia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom, Venezuela, (New) Zealand and many more!

LANGUAGE: Berlin, Hamburg, Miami, Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco are taught in English, so you'll need to demonstrate good English verbal and written skills. The Madrid location is mainly taught in Spanish, Sao Paulo classes are taught in Portuguese.

VISA: International students attending US based Miami Ad School locations are required to get an M-1 visa. Students attending the Master's Program in Miami will get an F-1 visa from FIU.

FINANCIAL AID: The United States Federal Government does not extend student loans to international students. But, if you're Swedish, you're in luck as the Swedish Government provides financial support to its citizens studying abroad.