What does an art director do?

Art directors are dreamers with an imagination gone wild. They get paid to think, imagine, explore, tinker and scribble. Together with a copywriter they brainstorm ideas for websites, TV commercials, print ads, billboards, phone apps or any other medium that can solve the client’s problems. The team uses their knowledge of pop culture and insights into the human condition to create content that is meaningful, entertaining or useful to consumers. Once an idea is approved by their creative director it's shown to the client.

When the client buys the concept, the team directs the production and maybe goes on a photo shoot to very exciting places like a mountain top in Bhutan or an abattoir in Omaha. Or maybe they work with an animator in London and supermodels in Stockholm. Maybe the concept makes it big and wins a Clio or Addy. And just maybe the concept makes it really, really big and airs during the half-time show of the Super Bowl. Then finally everyone in the world including the moms of the creative team know exactly what an art director and copywriter actually do for a living.


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This is a two year diploma program with the primary purpose of developing a professional portfolio and the skills needed for entry level position in advertising. Art direction students take 8 quarters with 4 classes each quarter. Each class is 3 hours long. A quarter is 10 weeks long with a break of 3 weeks between each quarter.

At the portfolio review I met the ECD of BBDO. He liked my book, and had me in the next day. I am now an art director at BBDO in New York. Miami Ad School worked and it helped propel me to downtown Manhattan. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has opened up a new chapter in my life that is filled with excitement and undiscovered adventures.

Quoc Doan
Art Director at BBDO
New York, NY

  • BALLS OF PRIDE FIVE awards AND counting


    Jacob Sempler, Matilda Kahl & Emil Tiismann


    New York


    Tara Lawall


    2011The Bees Awards

    • Best Student Work

    2011 National Student Show

    • Best Total Campaign
    • Best of Show
    • Judge's Choice

    2011 Newcreatives

    • Best Of Show


    Balls of Pride

    Straight men avoid publicly stating that they're pro-gay for various reasons. Our idea is to have their girlfriends do it for them. That makes them pro-gay and unquestionably straight at the same time.

  • D&AD Awards advertising category aviva's yellow carpet campaign


    Jin Soo Kim & Daniel Paredes




    Ralph Budd


    D&AD Silver



    Aviva has formed partnerships with charities whose work focuses on helping children living on the streets. Aviva's Street to School program’s goal is to get 500,000 children off the streets and back into school. When we were coming up with ideas, we found two objects that we thought could visually represent Aviva's goals and intentions: a yellow school bus and a yellow carpet. The carpet represents Aviva and is inspired by the yellow portion of Aviva's logo that, to us, appears to be a pathway stretching out to reach children wherever they are and lead them back into schools. As part of the campaign, yellow carpets would lead people into a furnished school bus set up like a classroom with informational videos about Aviva's Street to School program.

  • D&AD Awards Interactive Design IKEA at your fingertips


    Andreas Rasmussen, Pranay Suri & Rodrigo Linhares



    Award: D&AD



    An application that will change the way you shop for furniture! Use your camera to calculate the size of your room, add furniture from the catalog to see how it looks and then order from your phone for home delivery or pick up.  Enhancing an experience that people already love but can not do often due to distance of the stores, the Ikea smartphone app adds value to the Ikea shoppers life and presents opportunities for new brand loyalist.