What does a copywriter do?

Copywriters are storytellers. They love words and craft them masterfully as they blog and tweet. They know lines from a thousand films and watch old TV shows on YouTube. They team up with an art director to brainstorm and concept ideas for websites, commercials, print ads, phone apps, billboards or any other medium to solve the client’s problems. The team invents and reinvents humor using pop culture to give an entertaining insight into the human condition. They show their concepts to the creative director who shows the ideas to the client.

When the client buys the idea, the team directs the production and maybe goes on a photo shoot to locations like a beach in Bali or an ice hotel in Reykjavik. Ad agencies know this teaming-with-an-art director-trick. The team is the agency's backbone, money makers and problem children all at the same time because they never grow up. They break rules and do their best work in a coffee shop, not in the agency. They are irreverent and impossible but quite remarkable and absolutely necessary.

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This is a two year diploma program with the primary purpose of developing a professional portfolio and the skills needed for entry level position in advertising. Copywriting students take 8 quarters with 4 classes each quarter. Each class is 3 hours long. A quarter is 10 weeks long with a break of 3 weeks between each quarter.

Miami Ad School...was a warehouse of creative genius. Besides curing me of my total ignorance to all things advertising, by the time I graduated, Miami Ad School had turned me into a copywriter with experience at DDB Chicago and Carmichael Lynch.

Peter Hajinian,
Copywriter Graduate,
Carmichael Lynch

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  • CMYK Magazine Award BEN & JERRY'S ICE CREAM


    Barbara Leao & David Martin




    Ana Hidalgo & Heather Vincent


    CMYK Magazine


    Ben & Jerry's

    The kind of thought that gets you this kind of ice cream. Headline for Caramel Sutra flavor ice cream:  What do you get when your kids half eaten toffee appears between you and your husband when things were getting cozy in bed?

    Headline for Dublin Mudslide flavor ice cream: What do you get when a cookie maker spikes his coffee with too much Irish liqueur on a rainy day?