Hyperactive is the best description of a digital designer. As the world moves more into the global multimedia matrix, designers need to stay attuned to the mediums that draw people in online and off. Back in the day of graphic designers, paper, X-acto knives and handwritten type were the norm. Now tablets, animation, vectors and the web are added to the mix. A well trained digital designer can do it all and feels comfortable moving from the real world to the virtual.

They’ve become inventors, adding new ways to use old technology. Maybe they create a linocut typeface that they scan and use for a website or hand-cut paper graphics for a short animated webisode. Digital designers are a vital part of the team and produce graphics for video games, installations for interactive events, motion graphics for smartphone apps, as well as “traditional” packaging, print, tv commercials, web banners or whatever else they can dream up for a brand. They do not know the meaning of the phrase “there is nothing new under the sun.”

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This is a two year diploma program with the primary purpose of developing a professional portfolio and the skills needed for entry level position in advertising. Digital Design students take 8 quarters with 4 classes each quarter. Each class is 3 hours long. A quarter is 10 weeks long with a break of 3 weeks between each quarter.

“In the two weeks that followed the review, I was flown to Chicago and Boulder for interviews with Leo Burnett and CP+B. Both agencies offered me a job. The decision was hard, but it was a good dilemma to have.”

Jen Barger
Now a Designer
Publicis Modem
San Francisco

  • Nadia Payan's Poster 2011 Miami Beach Art Deco Weekend


    Miami Ad School Designer Nadia Payan's Winning Poster for the 35th Annual Festival

    The unveiling of the 2011 Miami Beach Art Deco Weekend poster was held this past Wednesday night at the Art Deco Welcome Center on legendary Ocean Drive.

    Miami Ad School Digital Graphic Design student Nadia Payan created the poster for the event. She and second place winner Melissa Hernandez, as well as third place winner Ana Cecilia Novis were honored at this year's Poster Unveling and Artist Reception.

    The event, which in 2011 celebrates it's 35th year, was created by the Miami Design Preservation League to attract visitors to Miami Beach's Art Deco Historic District and raise awareness and appreciation of the arts and culture of the Art Deco era.

  • Silver ADDY Award Toyota - Happily Ever After in a Prius


    Michelle Pokorny, Alicia Benz & Krystle Smothers


    Miami Beach


    Silver ADDY


    Toyota Prius

    Based on a modern day fairy tale, the Prius will use the "Live Happy" campaign to keep its position as the #1 selling hybrid vehicle.

    Every element in TV, print and web was 100% handmade. It was either painted, cut out or sculpted from different materials, then photographed and brought into After Effects and Photoshop to make a 3D world. We wanted to give this campaign a charming human quality while also utilizing all technology available.

  • Young Guns GatorAdE "Coach G" campaign


    Tim Bildsten, Justin Stielow & Donny Brunner




    Silver Young Guns International



    Coach G uses augmented reality to connect you with legendary athletes like never before.

    Simply point your smart phone or webcam anywhere you see the 'G' logo to reveal a video demonstration and coaching tip from one of Gatorade's athletes.

    Gatorade's legendary athletes are now your coaches. Their winning secrets and inside tips will bring your shot, swing, sprint, kick to the championship level.