The Miami Ad School Photo/Video Globetrekker Program will help you become proficient in the skills you’ll need as a photographer or videographer in the ever changing digital world of today.

The First Year in Miami

Photo/Video students, after they have the basic photo skills down pat in one of our base schools, can opt to go on their own photo odyssey from a wide choice of  countries, cities, environments and cultures.

We have restricted entry to this program to the fall quarter only so that we could take advantage of light and weather conditions in each location in the USA, Europe and Asia to be optimal for photography in that location during the students eight quarters.

The student will choose the photo/video emphasis to correspond with personal interests. The possibilities are many: documentary, product, fashion, landscape, portraiture, “street”, food, digital manipulation, architecture, nature and editorial.

The student will be directed to take advantage of the locale’s special environment, cultural treasures and photographic opportunities. In each location the student will work with a local photographic mentor who is coordinated by the program’s director. On completion of each quarter the student is required to have produced a photographic book or film of the quarter’s work as well as a digital production.

To be eligible for this program the student must demonstrate a strong work ethic and have a cooperative attitude. Since this program offers unusual travel opportunities the student must have the maturity to handle both travel travails and cultural differences. More than anything else the student must have demonstrated one vital personality trait––”nice-ness”.


The Second Year- See the World Through Your Lens

Photo/video students begin their second year in the fall in Miami and for three weeks they are able to shoot in the famous remarkable natural light that made that area so famous for fashion photography. Then the students are transported to the mountains of north Georgia and North Carolina to take advantage of the breath-taking landscape in the peak of the foliage season. They come back to Miami to photograph in the other-worldly Everglades, home of alligators, pythons, panthers and an endless array of heron and other large birds.


Students remain in Miami for the Winter quarter. The weather in Miami at that time is the most beautiful in the world. So the students will spend half their time outdoors shooting models in the glowing natural light and the other half of their time in our professional fashion studio learning to master strobelights, styling, make-up, propping and posing.


In the Spring quarter it’s off to Europe with the first three weeks in Amsterdam. It’s the time of tulips and tourists. Students will have a balance of documentary photography with exposure to the special “dutch touch” of many the leading photographers in Holland. From the Netherlands the students will take a train to Hamburg and spend three weeks photographing the city and the landscape just south and north. The rolling purple heather-covered hills of Lünerberger Heide will be a great contrast to the alien-like seashore of Syvlt. There will also be a short trip to Berlin to capture the excitement of that city.The next three weeks will be spent in Madrid, a city of remarkable architectural beauty and in addition, an excursion to the “Pueblos Blancos” (white villages perched on mountain tops) of Andalisia.


The last quarter will be in the world’s most exciting city: New York. This is the time to put everything together. A final exhibition of photographic work. A portfolio. A web site. Self-promotion. All this will be done in a crucible-like quarter with many of the demanding photographers in New York. The old saying “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”–– still applies.

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This is a two year diploma program with the primary purpose of developing a professional portfolio and the skills needed for entry level position in photography. Digital Photography and Video students take 8 quarters with 4 classes each quarter. Each class is 3 hours long. A quarter is 10 weeks long with a break of 3 weeks between each quarter.

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