Digital Design Program

Master's Degree in Mass Communications
and a Creative Portfolio

Copywriters are storytellers. Art directors are dreamers with an imagination gone wild. When copywriters and art directors are teamed up to brainstorm ideas for websites, TV commercials, print ads or phone apps, that’s when the magic happens. In our joint program with Florida International University you will earn a Master’s of Science in Global Strategic Communications and you will also build a portfolio in art direction or copywriting. Here are some of the skills you learn in our master's program:


Analyze business issues and jump deeper into strategic communications solutions. With classes at Florida International University, you’ll build on the foundation you created in your undergrad.


Your classes at Miami Ad School will teach you to concept creative solutions for business problems. Brainstorm with your partner on integrated campaigns to build your portfolio.


You will work with the ying to your yang, your creative partner. You will also work with account planners in mini agency pods with a real client preparing you for agency life and the campaign process.


You’ve learned strategy, how to concept and collaborate with your team, now it’s time to present your ideas agency-pitch style. Feedback from working professionals will get you ready for the real world.

Earn a Graduate Degree


We Prepare You for a Job as an Art Director or Copywriter: