MASTER PROGRAM – Global Strategic Communication – Creative Track

A graduate program combining global strategic elements with creative art direction or creative copywriting

The Miami Ad School offers its students the opportunity to enroll in the FIU School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) graduate program. This is a 36 semester credit, lock-step program that is completed in five consecutive academic terms including summers (18 months) which leads to the Master of Science in Mass Communication with a specialty in creativity.  The specific track of this program is the Global Strategic Communications (GSC) – Creative Track.  The program includes seven courses delivered at the FIU Biscayne Bay campus and five courses delivered at Miami Ad School- South Beach.

Students in this unique and exciting program are creative individuals that understand the need to obtain a more complete background in the strategic and research elements of advertising and public relations.

Since students will have to take courses in two campuses, it is strongly recommended that they have access to a car for ease of transportation. 

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This is a 1 1/2 year graduate program with the purpose to provide students who, while focused on a career in the creative side of advertising, are also interested in earning a graduate degree as well as a more thorough exposure to marketing theory. Master track students take 6 quarters with classes at both FIU and Miami Ad School however, because FIU works on the semester system the first FIU class may start prior to the first quarter at Miami Ad School. Each quarter is ten weeks in length. 

The Miami Ad School graduates we've hired over the years have become the backbone of my department. They are well prepared to take on the challenges of the industry, particularly in terms of their eagerness to collaborate across all disciplines of the agency from creative to design, media to public relations.

Catrina McAuliffe
VP of Brand PIanning
Carlson Marketing Group