Social Media and consumer engagement

Speak with your consumer, not at them

The number of ways in which brands can reach consumers is exploding and social media is an integral part. Few industry people really understand all the different ways to reach consumers and why a specific message and delivery method might or might not be appropriate for the brand or target market. Having presence on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is not enough. Navigating content, avoiding public relations disasters and showing ROI are a must.

That’s why we’ve created a program that includes engagement and the social media landscape, explaining value and analytics to the client, and incorporating different platforms into an existing brand experience. Challenged by instructors who themselves are practicing marketing strategists, media experts and creative directors, you will spend each week exploring a different social media challenge with strategic and creative approaches. Within our Innovation Lab, you will work with a client on an actual social media campaign.

At the end of the program you'll have a book of work you've developed and a digital trail to show your online savvy. You will also have the real-world experience that agencies and companies are looking for - experience that will give you the edge to hit the ground running and be a valuable asset in the fast growing field of social media and consumer engagement.

The Social Media and Consumer Engagement Boot Camp will be held April 2015 in Miami. Please contact the admissions advisor for questions. Check out below what people are saying about our other boot camps and who's taught here!


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This is a twelve week diploma program with the primary purpose of assisting students in developing the skills that can get them a job as a social media or engagement strategist in an advertising agency or company with a marketing department.

Social Media students take 6 lecture/ critique/ demonstration classes each week, each class is 3 hours long. This program is a total of 15 total credit hours, 300 clock hours.

The Social Media Boot Camp is currently only offered in Miami in April.

There is no such thing as social media, just things that people want to share. Learning the principles that drive sharing and engagement is essential for the next generation of advertising talent.

Kyle Bunch
Group Director
R/GA Austin

  • Oreo blackout tweet timing is everything

    "Social media changes not only how we engage brands, but where and when. During the Super Bowl XLVII blackout, people immediately turned to twitter. We responded within minutes. The Oreo Blackout tweet wound up receiving over 400mm earned media impressions, more than the number of viewers who tuned into the live TV broadcast. Timing makes a huge difference."

    Nick Panayotopoulos & Roberto Salas, Miami Ad School Miami grads currently working at 360i as a senior creative team


  • Making a Difference Using Social media for good

    In an area of the world that most people have not heard of, malnutrition is a crisis, especially in children. But how do you bring awareness to an issue that is so far away geographically and mentally? In a partnership with Miami Ad School’s Innovation Lab, UNICEF tasked the students with exactly that problem. In a world of “slacktivism”, how do you get the key demographic in the social world to connect.

    Check out the video above to see how students Evelyn Tan Su-Lin and Rafa Hessel helped bring awareness to a crisis through social media.

  • What are they saying Industry leaders speak out

    "My students walk away from the course not only with the applicable skills of navigating the social media space from a strategic brand perspective but also a much deeper insight and understanding into the myriad of exciting creative opportunities within the digital space." 

    Gerard Bush is a writer, digital political strategist, as well as the co-founder and Chief Creative Director of the award-winning, digital media agency brpr. He has taught social media classes at Miami Ad School and will be teaching during the Social Media and Consumer Engagement Boot Camp.