Study Advertising in Sao Paulo.

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Dynamic, chaotic, interesting, modern... surprising!

If it were a country, Sao Paulo would be the fifth largest economy in South America. Most large companies have their headquarters here, including advertising and design agencies. But Sao Paulo has a lot more to offer. The large immigrant communities give “Sampa” - what the locals affectionately call the city – the cultural diversity one can feel in the endless entertainment possibilities and its incredible restaurant variety. 

The city, once the Gastronomy Capital of the World, has more pizzerias than any other city worldwide. If you are a soccer fan or like to get together with friends after a day’s work, Sao Paulo is the place to be with several of Brazil's best soccer teams and a fantastic number of places where you and your friends can see and be seen while having a “chopp” - similar to draft beer – or drinking caipirinha – the Brazilian national drink.

Student life in Sao Paulo.

Visit MASP

The São Paulo Museum of Art - MASP - is the most famous museum in Brazil and one of the most important in the world. Located on Paulista Avenue, another of São Paulo's postcards, it is a perfect place for students to find inspiration while looking at famous paintings from Di Cavalcanti, Anita Malfatti, Candido Portinari and so on.

Photography Class

The city is the students’ best classroom. During the program the students not only meet the teachers at school, but they also find interesting moments, people and landscapes in Sao Paulo to be able to fully understand what photography is all about.

Having Fun Together

Every December, right after the school year is over, the students, grads, teachers and school’s staff get together for the traditional barbecue. Always lots of fun.

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