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Learn by doing. In 11 short-but-intense weeks you’ll learn to develop social media strategies and campaigns and create content. You’ll have the skills you need to show your future employer you can build brands using social media.

Each week your mentor will be a different social media expert. Instructors include professionals from Facebook, Google and top agencies like Ogilvy, M&C Saatchi, DT, Saatchi & Saatchi, We are Social and Clemenger BBDO who cover different aspects of social media. You’ll learn the different aspects of social media from content strategies, paid media and texting campaigns, to understanding data and analytics.

The rest of the week, you partner with creatives, and based on your social strategy develop social media campaigns including Instagram, videos, Facebook ads, Tweets and anything else that will create an engaged following for your brand.

In the final week of the Boot Camp visit a variety of ad agencies, brands and media firms. Experience the different types of social media work environments. You’ll meet the people in the social media departments and increase your network of industry contacts.

The social media boot camp is a condensed program with 5 classes during the week taught in the evening. At the end of the social media training program, students will visit the social media departments in advertising agencies and companies. The representatives will inform the students on their company’s philosophy, culture and give insight into their social media department.

The social media boot camp is held in Sydney during the (Australian) spring quarter (October to mid-December).  Interested? 2016 applicants please contact

This social media training program is a eleven-week program with the primary purpose of assisting students in developing the skills needed for a job as a social media strategist or engagement strategist in an advertising agency or marketing department of a company.

Our courses are not yet accredited in Australia. Under Australian law we cannot award a higher education award. You will receive a Certificate of Completion, a transcript of grades and leave with a professional portfolio. To qualify for a completion certificate, all students must meet the academic requirement: The student must complete all required units and attain the designated number of hours in their program of study.

Placement Assistance

Graduates have the opportunity to attend portfolio review and interview with multiple agencies. Miami Ad School also supplies graduates with job leads throughout their career.

All students must have:

  • Apple Macintosh Airport-equipped notebook computer with CD-R or DVD-R (approximately $1,100-1800)
  • A standard complement of computer software including but not limited to Creative Cloud ((look out for Student specials), iWork and iLife
  • Digital SLR camera with adjustable settings and HD video (approximately $500-2000)

*Additional anticipated supplies cost is $100-$350

The tuition cost is AUD $5,500 incl GST.

Instructors & Curriculum

The curriculum for the Bootcamp for Social Media was developed by social media experts to train the next generation of talent. Each week a different instructor from a top agency or channel takes you through a topic essential to the discipline. Companies participating in the Social Media Bootcamp include:

Industry Heroes:

Candice Juniper, Social Media Director, M&C Saatchi
Ben Hourahine, Founder & Director, Splashsuits Novelty
Amaury Treguer, Senior Strategist, We Are Social
Jerker Fagerstrom, Executive Creative Director, DT
Brie Stewart, Head of Social, Ogilvy & Mather
Toby Clark, Social Planner, Clemenger BBDO
Kim Bartkowski, Digital Creative Director, Cummins & Partners
Maria Casas, Social Media Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
Ben Shipley, Director, Colloquial
Aaron Mitchie, Chief Innovation Officer, Zenith Optimedia
Nathan Guerra, Google Evangelist, Google
Gavin Carver, Creative Strategist, Facebook


The Boot Camp for Social Media is a 11 week program. Social media students take 5 lecture/critique/demonstration classes each week, each class is 3 hours long. 

Start your Career

Join the 7,000 other people who started their career at Miami Ad School.


This week is an intensive experience. Go from door-to-door visiting ad agencies and media firms to experience their philosophy and culture to gain insight into their strategy department. You will also meet the people who work there for interview and critique sessions.


Throughout the quarter, strategists will have the opportunity to work with several different creative teams to develop ad concepts from a brief developed by the social media planner. Develop the variety of skills you need to work with creatives.


Participants will learn where Social Media fits in building a brand today. In this complex communication universe, there is a greater need to establish an integrated Brand Marketing strategy that connects business objectives with social media strategy, platforms and tactics. 


It is hard to keep pace with people’s behavior, and since brands today are experienced across many different channels and devices, in this module you’ll learn to integrate and develop transformative strategies with Cross-Channel fluency. 


In a world where only the truly creative and innovative get noticed, Social Media ideas need to combine the strength of visual branding creativity with the power of analytics. You’ll go beyond the selfie and even beyond the hashtag, to craft ideas that engage.


What works, what doesn’t and why? Understanding the building blocks of successful campaigns is just the starting point. Explore Content, Timing, Images, Voice and the selection of the right networks to make Social Media history.


You’ve already established your brand across the social media platforms and have a decent fan base, why pay for media when you can get it for free? Because it can create momentum, increase ranking and even establish endorsement partners growing your visibility.


To produce great content you’ll need to define your goals, plan ahead, evaluate your content production capabilities, content distribution channels, define audiences, schedule, publish and promote… A Content Calendar is your sanity’s best friend.


With the proliferation of social networks, understanding which platform is the right forum to bring to life your brand strategy has never been more critical. 


Define the goals of the campaign,” listen” to what the competition is doing, write the Key Metrics, identify your audience, select the channels, pick the platforms, create an editorial calendar… Launch, Optimize and be social.


If behavior is the driving engine of Social media, influence is the fuel. Our ability to behave and feel like others is human, social media just amplified it. What role credibility plays? Trust? Reach? Learn to identify what build influence and how to use it in your strategies. 


Media changes everyday with new apps, platforms and ways of sharing and connecting in the digital space. With new gadgets and improvements in smart phones, the way we consume media is constantly adapting to the newest technology. 


Social media students reverse roles and learn to think and concept like creatives. You also have workshops on a wide variety of brainstorming techniques, video editing, portfolio building, writing case studies, and improv to help with presentation skills.


How to Apply

Step 1 - Download and complete the application.

Step 2 - Schedule a question and answer session.

Step 3 - Show us your creative samples and complete the creative assignments.

Step 4 - Send in your application, creative samples, and application fee.


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