After spending your first year getting a strong foundation at your Base School you can choose to go on Quarter Away*¹. The Quarter Away program allows student to study and intern in up to four more cities during their second year. Agencies all over the world want to work with Miami Ad School. New locations and opportunities are added all the time. Poke around on the web site to see all the possibilities.

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    In your 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th quarter, you can apply for a Greenhouse Internship*. In a Greenhouse Internship an ad agency or company gives us space where up to a dozen Miami Ad School students can spend each day of the quarter working on their assignments.

    Your instructors are creative directors, art directors, copywriters, account planners, photographers or designers from that agency and other agencies in the city. Who better to learn from than the industry's leading professionals? In addition to working on your projects, and focusing on creating pieces for your online portfolio, you'll have the opportunity to work on some of the agency's client projects and new business pitches. You'll see how an agency functions on a day-to-day basis because you'll be working in the middle of it.

    What's in it for the agency, you ask? They get a continually-renewed source of fresh thinking and new blood. They also get the first glimpse of the next generation of creative talent. Miami Ad School has Greenhouse Internship partnerships with agencies in many cities. Check out the locations above and this video to see students in action at our Rosetta Greenhouse Internship.


    *Please Note: New York base students do one quarter away in their 8th quarter within New York in either an Agency Internship or Greenhouse Internship. If you have questions, please contact the New York school advisor.

    ¹ International students can gain real world experience in Greenhouse internships in Miami, New York, Minneapolis, San Francisco or any Greenhouse agency outside of the United States.

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