• Become an
    Art Director.

    Art direction graduate Kristina Krkljus and her team
    at TBWA created this video for Pepsi. Watch NASCAR
    superstar Jeff Gordon take an unsuspecting car salesman
    on a wild test-drive.

    Would you like to create videos that go viral
    and make millions of people laugh?

    now works at
    72 and Sunny.

What is an Art Director?

Art Direction: 2-Year portfolio Program

Art directors are dreamers with an imagination gone wild. They get paid to think, imagine, explore and tinker. Together with a copywriter they brainstorm ideas for websites, commercials, print ads, billboards, phone apps or any other medium that can solve the client’s problems. The team uses their knowledge of pop culture and insights into the human condition to create content that is meaningful, entertaining or useful to consumers. Click on a city (look left) to see our exciting art direction courses, internships and other program details.

Become an Art Director

Join the 7,000 other people who started their career at Miami Ad School.

Here are some of the skills you will learn


As an art director, strategy focuses your creative. Knowing the who helps you with the what, making smarter campaigns that hit your target market.


“Yes, then what?” This is your mantra when brainstorming with your copywriter, then these ideas that are flowing turn into fully formed campaigns.


You have the idea, now make it happen. You’ve learned tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and photography to create a polished presentation.


You will stand in front of your teacher and classmates to explain your concept and show your ideas. This practice will prepare you for your career.


How to Apply Online

Step 1 - Download and complete the application.

Step 2 - Schedule a question and answer session.

Step 3 - Show us your creative samples and complete the creative assignments.

Step 4 - Send in your application, creative samples, and application fee.


Each program has different requirements.
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