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What Does a Graphic Designer Do?


Hyperactive is the best description of a digital designer. As the world moves more into the global multimedia matrix, designers need to stay attuned to the media that draw people in online and off. Back in the day of graphic designers, paper, X-acto knives and handwritten type were the norm. Now tablets, animation, vectors and the web are added to the mix. A well trained digital designer can do it all and feels comfortable moving from the real world to the virtual. They’ve become inventors, adding new ways to use old technology. Click on a city (look left) to see our exciting graphic design courses and other program details.

Become a Digital Designer

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Here are some of the skills you will learn


Before you can put pen to paper, scissors to cloth or fingers to keyboard, the ideas need to flow into a cohesive idea. Concepting will help you hone in on a solution and is the stepping stone to how you will continue with your project.


You have a concept, now you need a plan. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Found objects can be typography, architecture can influence layout. Take in your surroundings to help grow your design aesthetic.


Whether by hand, computer or even 3D printer, how you execute your ideas means as much to the end product as the first spark of inspiration. Explore different mediums that accomplish the impact of your message.


Show your executed design to your teacher and classmates. This practice will get you ready to present to your colleagues, creative director and clients in an agency while also improving your ideas with constructive critique.


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