What Does a Digital Photographer and Videographer Do?

Photography & Video: 2-Year Portfolio Program

The quick answer is just about everything these days. Before the internet the photographer typically specialized in areas such as fashion, documentary, food and beverage, portraiture, sports, news, architectural, landscape, travel, product and advertising. The videographers in early days were more limited and their major areas were training films and news.  With enormous changes in the profession, and new skills needed, new career opportunities have been born.  Produce digital data, color capture, lighting and sound to expand your opportunities. Select a city (look left) to see our photography courses and other program details.

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Here are some of the skills you will learn


Before you can click the shutter and open up Photoshop, the ideas you have must flow together. Concepting your design will allow you to get your angles, lighting and mood just right before you snap your first shot.


Work with other students, models and make-up artists to pull off a shoot worthy of your portfolio. Working together helps you prepare for the real-world and allows you to learn the importance of networking.


Instagram, Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign, Pinterest, Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo. These are tools you'll need to master to execute concepts at a professional level.


Imagine your work on gallery walls in the coolest part of town. The work doesn't get there by itself. You'll learn to manage all logistics to produce professional exhibitions of your work.


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