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Miami Ad School started as

one school in one location.

Now it's a global network.

Miami Ad School is a global network of 16 advertising schools.


Miami Ad School in Miami

Ron and Pippa Seichrist considered lots of cities when looking to open their first school in 1993. Once they visited Miami, they knew it was the perfect place; it had an amazing energy of possibility, inventive architecture, an emerging art scene and diverse culture. This was a city where an innovative educational program would thrive and bring a unique global perspective to its students. The first class of six, who Ron and Pippa are still friends with, went on to win Cannes Lions, start agencies and invent products. The school has grown to a global network with thousands of grads in agencies around the world.


Miami Ad School Hamburg

Miami Ad School Hamburg started 2003, when Oliver Voss was creative partner of Jung von Matt, Germany's most creative ad agency. After guest teaching at the school's Miami location Oliver started bringing interns from Miami and integrated them at the leading agencies in Germany. In 2003, he started Miami Ad School in Hamburg with his friend and partner Niklas Frings-Rupp. Now, the school has students from over 30 countries all studying in English.

Mexico City

Miami Ad School Mexico City

Ricardo Ampudia's father founded the first advertising school in Mexico over 40 years ago. Ricardo grew up surrounded by creativity and became obsessed with good storytelling told through digital and social media. He found Miami Ad School while searching the web and fell in love with the school's culture, philosophy and creativity. At first he got ideas for his father's school. Then one day he woke up and realized what he really wanted to do was start Miami Ad School in Mexico in 2011. He wanted to give ad agencies the best talent possible and to create a place where entrepreneurs and creative people could develop themselves to their full potential.

New York

Miami Ad School New York

New York is the capital of advertising. It’s a lot different than the days of Madison Avenue though. Ad agencies and digital shops have crept across the river and taken their hold on Brooklyn. It’s no wonder; many a creative genius has called this borough home from Walt Whitman to Jay Z. In 2010, Ron and Pippa knew this is where the school needed to be. Located in a warehouse in DUMBO on the East River, it's amongst artists’ lofts, production companies and digital agencies. The neighborhood is full of inspiration for students who walk the cobblestone streets surrounded by design shops, bookstores and galleries.


Miami Ad School Madrid

Ron and Pippa met Ana Hidalgo when she was ECD at Ogilvy. Her first experience with Miami Ad School students was an internship she hosted. She felt an instant connection to the school and continued to host interns when she went to Contrapunto BBDO. She was astonished with the students' high level of creativity and maturity. In 2004, wanting to share the Miami Ad School philosophy and culture with the advertising industry in Spain, the Madrid school was born. Ana now combines her talent and passions in a place where the most innovative industry pros in Spain teach the future generation of advertising superstars.


Miami Ad School Sydney

After a marketing career in Australia and Germany Helga was running the Australian APG and the Communication Council’s professional training program. Sydney creatives and planners convinced her to check out Miami Ad School courses she decided to pay a visit. Meeting Ron and Pippa and sitting in some of the classes she was blown away by the family culture and the students’ work. She opened the Sydney school in January 2014. Located in hip Surry Hills in premises that previously housed Naked Communications, the school is right in the hub of Sydney’s design district and Chinatown. Creative directors and planners from Sydney’s hottest agencies teach its small classes and host internships and agency labs. The industry can’t wait to hire the first crop of graduates.

San Francisco

Miami Ad School San Francisco

The next city Ron and Pippa wanted to expose their students to was San Francisco. The town was filled with ideas and trends but in 2001, it was the dot-com boom and real estate was too expensive. Fortunately the owner of GMO, one of the city’s most successful agencies, called out of the blue and said, “Start the school in San Francisco. I’ll give you space in our new building.” Miami Ad School — San Francisco grew, the dot-com bubble burst making real estate affordable again, and we moved to our own space. In 2013, we moved again to a bigger space complete with a photo studio and classes in showroom windows.


Miami Ad School Berlin

In 2009 Miami Ad School Berlin opened. Berlin is the new New York! A magnetic, exciting and vibrant city, you can find endless inspiration almost everywhere, from the street corner to the ad agency. That’s why so many famous agencies have established powerful bases here. And they all come to Berlin’s Miami Ad School to teach and to seek creative talent. The two directors: Niklas Frings-Rupp, who won D&AD’s World’s Best Tutor Award, and Oliver Voss, who was partner and Chief Creative Officer at Jung von Matt, Germany’s most creative agency. The list of their accomplishments is almost as long as their hair.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Bernardo Geoghegan was attending a conference in Miami, which the School was hosting. He reviewed graduate portfolios and was impressed with the creative and strategic thinking. As Regional Planning Director at Ogilvy and founder and president of the Account Planning Group in Argentina, Bernardo knew his country needed a similar training program. He met Ron and Pippa, fell in love with their philosophy, and in 2012 opened Miami Ad School Buenos Aires in a former production studio near Chinatown. Students from all across the region learn from top Argentine professionals and get real-world experience in the top agencies.

Sao Paulo

Miami Ad School Sao Paulo

Brazil is known for its cultural diversity, friendly people, beaches and of course, soccer. In 2003, ESPM, Brazil's best communication-oriented business school, asked Ron and Pippa to partner with them in Sao Paulo to start the first Miami Ad School outside the US. Having judged award competitions the two knew all about the country’s creative reputation. The talent and Ron’s passion for soccer fueled their desire to open Miami Ad School Sao Paulo. Since the beginning, the partnership between MAS and ESPM, has been very successful in training young creatives for great local agencies as well as for agencies overseas. Over 10% of graduates now work outside of Brazil. Hope they come back to visit!


Miami Ad School Mumbai

Raj Kamble was a fan of Miami Ad School ever since he gave his first lecture to the students in Miami. Raj had studied at an art school, but felt in his 5 years there, he learned about life but not about advertising. Mumbai was missing a school that prepared students for careers in advertising and gave them global exposure. Raj, who is an award winning creative director with over 150 awards from Cannes, One Show and D&AD, started Miami Ad School Mumbai in 2012 with one of the most awarded Indian designers, Mangesh Rane, and his strategic partner, Rahul Kaloti. They’re creating the future of Indian advertising.


Miami Ad School Toronto

In 2016, Miami Ad School Toronto opened their doors as the first location in Canada. Recognized as one the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world, Toronto is an international centre of business, finance, arts, and culture. Founder, Aman Gulati, a graduate of MAS himself, approached Ron and Pippa to start the school a few years after working in the industry. He saw the demand in the Canadian market and wanted to expand the school to give creatives a place to push themselves to their fullest potential. A diverse, creative melting pot of people and culture, Miami Ad School in Toronto is bound to help sculpt the next generation of advertising stars.


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