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The bachelor’s program is offered in combination with the portfolio program.

Costs are EUR 20.800 for the portfolio program, plus EUR 10.400 for the bachelor’s, giving a total EUR 31.200.

There will be matriculation and examination fees of EUR 500 each for the bachelor’s part. Traveling and living expenses are not included.

Miami Ad School's master's program takes two years.

You can apply four times a year in January, April, July and October.

All classes are held in English. Students will have classes at both Steinbeis SMI and Miami Ad School. This can include weekends.

Students will graduate with a diploma and portfolio from Miami Ad School in art direction, copywriting or digital design. They will receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration from Steinbeis SMI.

The Bachelor’s degree in creativity make your ideas a reality. In words, images and with the right strategy.

The minute you start your studies with us, you will be gaining a new perspective on the ad world, as you know it. In our excellent joint program with the Steinbeis SMI University you will not only earn a Bachelor of Arts degree but also build a portfolio in art direction, copywriting or digital design. This will be your ticket to the creative world of Start-ups, agencies or companies like Google, Facebook, MTv and many more.

Making sure our students learn all of the fundamentals necessary to be a creative is one of our core strengths; but more importantly we offer a global perspective with leading pop culture engineers from every continent making our students better able to put their incredible ideas into action anywhere.

Because the world is constantly changing, we have crafted our own approach. Working together with the Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation, we have created a course of study that combines developing game changing creative concepts with the practical aspects of implementing and strategically marketing them. Talent is the key. We show you how to open doors with it.  

Miami Ad School’s bachelor’s program takes three years to complete, or even shorter if you dare.

First year:

One MASE year is divided into four quarters. Your creative learning odyssey begins in Berlin or Hamburg where you will be provided your basic education, plus you attend the Steinbeis

SMI campus in Berlin for five days a week during each quarter break. (Four times a year, five days, in total 20 days at the Steinbeis University in your first year).

Second year:

You spend your second year studying and working as in intern in New York, Moscow, Paris, London, Stockholm, Beijing, and many other location possibilities in order to develop a global perspective and you work on your bachelor’s case study. At your base school you will complete your portfolio and graduate in your last quarter.

Third year:

In your third year, you will work on your bachelor’s thesis while you are already on the job.

Schedules are set by the registrar and cannot be modified.

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