15 Nov 2017

Will You Be a Good Creative Partner?

Being a good creative partner is like being a good spouse—you need to be compatible and it’s best if you actually like each other. Copywriting student Max Mager gives us his take on partnerships, from the writer’s point of view.

"We met in school, and we've been working together for five years, or roughly 1,877 days. But who's counting?”

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01 Nov 2017

Spare Time Gallery Celebrates the Personal Artwork of the Creative Business Community

Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center Opens Spare Time Gallery This November 9th at 6:00 PM

Spare Time Gallery is a space for the after-hours personal work, the artistic play and exploration creatives engage in. The kind of experimentation that often influences the work they do for their companies and clients.

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25 Oct 2017

In Week Two of Your Strategic Planning Boot Camp, Things Get Real

Guest blogger Danielle McKinley on her second week of the Strategic Planning Boot Camp and getting into the details of writing great creative briefs.

In the Strategic Planning Boot Camp, you’ll be mentored by creative strategists who will stop at nothing to give you the guidance you need to find your dream job.

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24 Oct 2017

A Tokyo Advertising Internship Translates into a Life-Altering Experience

Copywriting student, Daphne Lefran, shares her experience at her Ogilvy & Mather advertising internship and attempts to unravel the enigma that is Tokyo.

“Every time I travel, my mind is consumed, wondering what the lives of the people that live at my destination are really like. What do they do for a living? What do they do for fun? Are they happy? Maybe I should’ve been a sociologist, but instead I’m a copywriter. But I guess that sometimes, it’s the same thing.”

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18 Oct 2017

Follow Your Heart to a Creative Job and Help Change the World.

How art direction graduate Belén Márquez fell in love with Miami Ad School and followed her heart to a creative job and a Refugee Nation.

“Proactive ideas—seeing a need and doing something about it—are the ones that satisfy you the most because, more often than not, they come from your heart.”

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