18 Jun 2018

The Pros of Miami Ad(vertising) School.

Adweek Features Grad Team Ben Brown and Jackie Moran in an Article on the Advantages of Advertising Education

"If Ben Brown and Jackie Moran hadn’t enrolled at Miami Ad School in New York, they may never have met, started to collaborate or hatched a plan to land internships at Droga5."

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06 Jun 2018

Confessions of a Creative Director

Ever wonder what it takes to become a creative leader at a world-famous agency? We sat down with Patrick Maravilla – a writer and creative director with an incredible journey to the top.

Learn Patrick's secrets of the trade, tips and tricks for those starting out and some real life, success-driven advice for your entire career as a creative.

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17 May 2018

Be Your Own (Creative) Boss

Photography Grad Ken Pao on the Perks—and Challenges—of Being Your Own Boss and the Joy of Doing What You're Passionate About Every Day.

"After looking at a few schools around the country, Miami Ad School naturally became my first choice because of the location (I mean, Miami... come on!) Knowing that there would be tons of models and beautiful weather to shoot in sealed the deal."

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15 May 2018

You Too Will Have Award-Winning Work in Your Portfolio

It's easy to be intimidated by all the award-winning creative work out there. The thing to remember is that all those superstar creatives were newbies once upon a time.

At Miami Ad School you'll create award-winning work that will get you national and international exposure. Work that will get you noticed and—more importantly—get you interviews so that you can land a job you'll love. Isn't that what it's all about?

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07 May 2018

These 3 Social Media Rockstars Will Catapult Your Career

The Next Boot Camp for Social Media Strategy Starts July 2nd in Atlanta. Here are some of the mentors that will help you launch your career.

Meet three of the 10 social media mentors that will guide you during each three-day workshop of your social media strategy training. You will learn the skills you need to take the next big step in your social media career, and also develop the contacts that will make it possible.

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