20 May 2016

Three Heads of Strategy: Meet Some of Your Account Planning Boot Camp Instructors

Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning begins on July 5th. It’s not too early to look ahead with anticipation.

Carlos Vazquez

Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning in New York is starting in just a few weeks. Aspiring planners like you are looking forward to meeting and connecting with the strategic professionals who will be their instructors. Three days each week they are going to coach you. You’re going to learn the techniques and methods they’ve developed and use at their agencies. You’re going to be able to spend three days with each one, picking their brains. You’re going to have their email address and they are going to know you and how hard you work. There's good reason why Boot Camp for Account Planning teachers have been known to hire their students!

Oliver Gibson • Chief Strategy Officer @ Pure Growth
Figure out what key issue the brand is facing.
Is it an issue that can be solved by advertising?
A planner’s first job is to ask the right questions.

Eric Pakurar • Chief Strategy Officer,
North America @ Geometry Global

As strategists, planners must learn to be fluent in
how change affects business and be proficient in
the communication tools required to handle change. 
Lindsey Randolph • Planning Director @ Grey Group
Learn how to judge effectiveness in today’s fast-
changing markets. Define the criteria and set appropriate
KPIs for assessing the impact of advertising efforts.

The best planners in the world are waiting for you. Apply now! Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning begins July 5th in New York.

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