22 Jun 2016

San Francisco Students Are Raking in Awards

Miami Ad School San Francisco students contribute to an award-winning tradition by bringing home lots of metal.

Carlos Vazquez

Miami Ad School San Francisco students have won 12 13 14 15 18 awards this season so far. With competitions still in progress, that total is sure to grow.

Since our San Francisco location opened its doors back in 2002, our students have benefited from San Francisco's dynamic professional community. The city's unique combination of unparalleled diversity, a rich artistic history, counter-cultural spirit, innovative thinking and technical prowess attracts some of the best creative professionals on the planet. Our SF faculty work in advertising agencies, design firms, tech and new media firms such as Adobe, Goodby Silverstein, Tribal DDB, FCB, Pereira O-Dell, R/GA, Google, Razorfish, BBDOSF, Cutwater. They bring their bleeding-edge techniques and experience to you.

Looking at the work below, it really shows.

AD: Carlo Clerici; CW: Eugene Gao • ADC, Mobius Student Award, Future Lions

AD: William Hammack; CW: Daniel Michel • ADDY

AD: Kristina Samsonova; CW: Mariah Kline • ADDY

AD: Vrasidas Golemis; CW: Ryan Sparrow (Miami Ad School Wynwood) • Creativity International Awards

AD: Vrasidas Golemis; CW: Ryan Sparrow (Miami Ad School Wynwood) • Creativity International Awards

AD: Angela Lai, Robin Seufert (Miami Ad School Europe);  CW: David Rappaport • The One Show Young Ones Awards

AD: Oscar Gierup • The One Show Young Ones Awards

AD: Anjali Rao; CW: Meg Knoph • YCN Student Awards

AD: Belén Márquez CW: Chamsseddine Abdelhafidh • New York Festivals

AD: Yousuke Ozawa CW: Eugene Gao • New York Festivals

San Francisco is the city of collaboration, innovation and ideas. Start your creative journey. Apply now!

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