03 Feb 2017

9 Miami Ad School Grads Named to Business Insider's 30 Most Creative Under 30

Our Graduates Comprise 30% of the Annual List Compiled by Business Insider

Carlos Vazquez

Business Insider's list of the  30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30 always features some of the most renowned young talent in the industry. The list features nine Miami Ad School alumni, up from five last year.

Erik Ström • Creative @ Round and Round
Age: 26 

In this time of political upheaval, Hamburg graduate Erik offered Americans the opportunity to become creative expatriates with his timely "The Great Trump Escape."

Neil Lopez • Copywriter @ JWT
Steve Torres
• Art Director @ JWT
Ages: 28

Collectively—and no doubt affectionately—known around the office as "Neilven Torpez," the Miami Ad School San Francisco duo rocked a global campaign for Listerine.

Lauren Cooper • Copywriter @ Barton F. Graf
Erika Kohnen • Art Director @ Barton F. Graf
Ages: 29 and 26

Lauren (Miami Ad School Wynwood) and Erika (San Francisco) have been tearing it up with their innovative campaign for Krylon.

Soham Chatterjee • Senior Copywriter @ Leo Burnett Chicago 
Age: 28

Wynwood alumnus Soham—AKA  @sohamsandwich—makes his second appearance on the list, lining himself up perfectly for a 30-Under-30 hat trick. His work once again wowed the Business Insider editors, particularly his work for Donate Life America

Temnete Sebhatu • Copywriter @ TBWA\ Media Arts Lab – Los Angeles
Joe Russomano • Art Director @ TBWA\ Media Arts Lab – Los Angeles
Ages: 28

Miami Ad School San Francisco grads Temnete and Joe created a TV commercial that should become a holiday classic as enduring as that old red-nosed reindeer. "Frankie's Holiday" is two whole minutes of all the feels.

Florian Marquart • Senior Creative/ACD @ Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Age: 28

Berlin grad Florian has had a prolific and very visible year with the likes of Snickers' "Photoshop-Fail" and Doritos' "No-Choice" campaign for Rock the Vote. We have a special place in our hearts for #Help50Cent.

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