11 Apr 2017

Agile Brainstorming Workshop is This April in Toronto!

“The entrepreneur that does not innovate—inevitably ages & declines, and in a period of rapid change such as the present—the decline will be fast.” –Peter F. Drucker

Terra Boake

“We’re excited to bring Agile to our curriculum—the need for adaptive and effective collaboration in the industry is continuously growing and is a necessary and crucial practice for every agency.”
–Stephen Jurisic • Partner & ECD @ john st • Creative Chairman @ Miami Ad School Toronto

Have you ever gone into a meeting only for it to take too long, produce too little and leave different parts of your team either confused or feeling depleted? Let’s say goodbye to these pointless, unproductive and ineffective meetings and say hello to Agile Brainstorming.

Collaboration is a whole new ballgame and it's imperative to know the rules. With so many different types of creatives in one room, (that includes: clients, marketers, strategists, developers and everyone else under the advertising sun) it is seemingly impossible to speak to, and understand each team member. Seemingly is the keyword here—Agile Brainstorming has taken into account this change in the boardroom landscape and provides your team with easy, fast and efficient skills for extraordinarily effective collaborative sessions.

This workshop will run for two full days and will encompass two major forms of brainstorming: Design Thinking and Agile Brainstorming methodology. What you’ll be left with is clear, testable models leading to user insights. Basically—we’re taking the dated and unproductive nature of brainstorming and turning it into a powerhouse -—creating, applying and understanding ideas that will actually work for your business. First–you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of Design Thinking, what it’s like to run an effective collaborative session and how to create prototypes of your ideas fit for market research. Once you’ve actually tested your ideas, you will know what works, what doesn't and what to do next, rather than take a risk based on old marketing data. Once you have your final idea—Agile will allow you to replicate the process for anything and everything you do.

Our instructors are two impressive thought leaders from VSA Partners—Cory Clarke and Tobi Devito who have taught team members from Google, Facebook, Forbes, The New York Times and more. If you’re focus is on strategy, creative, marketing, UX, design, social media or any of the like, this workshop is for you! Get ready to walk away with the most innovative and current method of problem solving that you can use immediately.

This is a one of a kind workshop that only takes two days to complete—follow the link below to see more about the Agile, your instructors and info on how to sign up.

“The entrepreneur that does not innovate—inevitably ages & declines, and in a period of rapid change such as the present—the decline will be fast.”
–Peter F. Drucker

Take the first step to productive brainstorming. Register now.  

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