07 May 2018

These 3 Social Media Rockstars Will Catapult Your Career

The Next Boot Camp for Social Media Strategy Starts July 2nd in Atlanta. Here are some of the mentors that will help you launch your career.

Carlos Vazquez

Cassie Taylor • Lead Strategist @ Huge puts social media strategy students through their paces.

Are you are ready to take your social media career to warp speed? Boot Camp for Social Media Strategy starts July 2nd. Be sure to apply by May 29th and get ready to meet the mentors that will take you there. Your instructors will be the very people who are defining the industry.

Meet three of the 10 social media mentors that will guide you during each three-day workshop of your social media strategy training. You will learn the skills you need to take the next big step in your social media career, and also develop the contacts that will make it possible.

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Learn how to extend the brand experience mutilple platforms and screens. With the mainstreaming of smart phones and tablets, social brand experiences are not limited to sitting in front of a computer. (Not that they ever really were.) Mobile interaction with brands is today’s “normal” and brings new opportunities through incentives or gamification—check-ins, photo sharing and augmented reality, for example. 

SOCIAL 101: The Social Marketing Plan

Discuss today’s hottest platforms and which ones are most relevant to brands. You will also explore how mobile & social triggered an evolutionary leap in media in the connected age. Participants will learn where social media fits in building a brand today. In this complex communication universe, there is a greater need to establish an integrated brand marketing strategy that connects business objectives with social media strategy, platforms and tactics.


If behavior is the driving engine of social media, influence is the fuel. Our ability to behave and feel like others is human, social media just amplified it. What role does credibility plays? Trust? Reach? Learn to identify what builds influence and how to use it in your strategies.

Get your social media career started. Learn how to apply.

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