02 Mar 2015


Musings from Ben Jones, Creative Director, Google

Natalie Casas, Social Media student, Miami Ad School New York


The folks at Google know what they’re doing. Students at Miami Ad School New York had the opportunity to hear Ben Jones, the creative director say that…repeatedly. As he spoke, I realized that Google makes mistakes and they embrace them. Why? Their goal is to do the best things possible and that can only be achieved by trying relentlessly and by looking for human insights.

I am a social media strategist in the making and the search for human insights and behavior struck a chord with me. For Google, human beings are the center of it all, and they aim to create technology that weaves seamlessly into their lives. “It’s not about the technology but about people and how they create/use technology to fulfill their needs.” That sounds amazing! We were all inspired by those words and they drove us to apply for jobs at Google. It inspired us for the career path we’ve chosen.

Four lessons Ben wanted us to remember:

1. Digital is real- All digital experiences are enhancements. Not dimensions. People are hungry for experiences that join real and digital together.

2. There is no “clutter”- Think. Create. Put your work out there. Inspire. Everything we do can have meaning for someone else. Your clutter has to be better than the last.

3. Create together- Co-creation is a big driver of creativity. People have great ideas and they become greater when collaboration is allowed and encouraged.

4. We are creatives- There are no more “copywriters” or “art directors”. Be comprehensive professionals, use your skills in a broader sense, always feed yourself with as many sources as possible.

Pay attention to your portfolio, but most importantly, create something that has meaning to you. Tell THAT story to prospective employers when you graduate. Watch out world, Miami Ad School students are coming with great ideas to change the world! “Make stuff and tell that story.”

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