02 Mar 2015

Top 5 Ways to Become “Top Dog”

Do you have what it takes?

Miami Ad School

What do the Top Dog judges look for? Great ideas, integrated campaigns, passion for your craft and your work ethic.

Miami Ad School created Top Dog when the school first opened and each quarter the judges look forward to student’s poems, photographs, campaigns and anything else creative. Are you ready to be “Top Dog”? Here’s a peek of last quarter’s winners from Miami!

Do you have what it takes?

  1. Build your creative dream team. Yes, that means the people that everyone wants to work with, because they know what “team” means.
  2. Let loose. Brainstorm ideas. Brainstorm more. Know that the best idea is probably not your first one.
  3. Once you have a great idea- concept the execution…again…and again.
  4. Don’t argue with your teammates. It’s like making love- you can’t do it when you’re fighting.
  5. Praise your partner. It has a boomerang effect.


2015 Winter Quarter Top Dog Awards Winners, from left to right: Rajath Ramamurthy, Ricardo Varela,  Michelle Liuzzo, Elia Khalaf, Yaiseli Gonzalez and Santiago Eli Lastra.  (All students above are in the art direction program.)                                                     


2015 Winter Quarter Top Dog Winner 

Project Title: The Unicycle Chronicles:  Illustrations, design, and story by Elia Khalaf Photography Credit: Alexandra Barberio

Elia's book was a first quarter quarter assignment that brought life to characters from another world. Read his story.

Gold Paw Winner 

Project Title: Cards For Sexuality Project Credits: Edward Miller - CW and Rajath Ramamurthy - AD

This project was created on quarter away in Minneapolis and featured in: The Minneapolis EgostistDesiCreative.com and Adeevee.com


Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Medieval times dinner and tournament. Project Credits:  Santiago Eli Lastra - AD and Yaiseli Gonzalez - AD


Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Nature. Project Credits:  Michelle Liuzzo - AD

Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Be Kind. Project Credits:  Ricardo Varela - AD


Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Nude. Project Credits: Elia Khalaf - AD

Perfect Fit

I peel out of you

Content to feel the relief

That release in my legs and hips

You've marked me, like you always do

Your indentations visible like train tracks on my skin

A sign that my body was held perfectly in place all day

I struggle to get you off of me

My movements are rapid as I jerk with you still on me

You grip my ankles and take my socks with you

My legs are bare as I shutter in bliss

I am reminded that you are a perfect fit.

Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Perfect Fit. Project Credits: Chanae Reed - CW


Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Airbnb: Belong Anywhere Project Credits:  Anna Xiques - CW and Santiago Lastra - AD


Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Preparation H. Project Credits:  Rajath Ramamurthy - AD Tosann Matthews - CW and Tamas Kovacs - AD

This project was featured on: FutureRising.com, Adeevee.comThe Informed IllustratorDesiCreative.com, and  Ads of the World.


Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Solar Power Miami. Project Credits:  Rajath Ramamurthy - AD , Vinay Shah - CW


Gold Paw Winner

Project Title: Duolingo. Project Credits: Maria Victoria Pereira - AD, Andy Tamayo - AD and Anna Xiques - CW.

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