24 Nov 2013

Careful What You Tweet

Heineken is at it again, With Departure Roulette En Route

How many times have you claimed on social media that you would do something if given the chance. You kind of knew you were safe, it could never happen so you brag a little. Better be careful. Heineken is calling people out on their claims and making them drop their sandwich and go.

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04 Nov 2013

Miami Ad School’s Assistant Strategist Wins Pro-Bono Challenge

Google and the 4As Team Up to Teach MAIP Alums and Help Camp Kesem

Caitlin Bishop, Assistant Strategist at Miami Ad School New York, was part of the winning team at AdByte Powered by Google which was held on Oct. 28th. The event was the first ever product-immersion program between Google, the 4As, and the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP).

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01 Nov 2013

Sara Cobaugh, Account Planner at McKinney, Wins Pick of the Litter

She Also Reveals How We Can Break the Cash v. Puppy Streak

Miami Ad School held its annual Pick of the Litter contest, a celebration of outstanding planners with less than three years strategic experience, at the 4A’s Strategy Festival in Nashville. On October 28th, Sara Cobaugh, an account planner at McKinney, took home the top spot.

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25 Oct 2013

What is the most shared item on adweek.com of 2013?

Grad’s “Auto-Complete Truth” campaign becomes viral success

If you've been on Facebook, Twitter, or at this point, not living under a rock, then you have probably seen the latest campaign from Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai for UN Women. “Auto-Complete Truth” exposes a scary reality on how women are perceived, and ultimately treated, throughout different areas around the globe.

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23 Oct 2013

Brooklyn’s Creativity Comes Alive At Miami Ad School New York

Students work with Entree Lifestyle on TRIBUTE TO NOTORIOUS B.I.G.

In collaboration with Brooklyn-based street wear brand Entree Lifestyle, the students and teachers of Miami Ad School New York created a massive tribute to late rapper and iconic Brooklyn cultural figure Notorious B.I.G. They used a layering "remixed" media style consisting of photographic and graffiti elements in addition to physical elements like actual sand from the Brooklyn Bridge park and authentic NYC taxi decals in the composition of the piece.

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18 Sep 2013

Do you lose your keys, phone or dog? Lapa can help.

Grad Mariana Rodrigues Launches A Social Lost And Found

Recently we heard from a 2011 Miami Ad School - Miami grad and a useful product she is creating. Three years ago while on Quarter Away in San Francisco she, with her partner Daniel Garcia, was in a class that concepted new products. They came up with a piece of GPS enabled luggage to track when it was lost.

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27 Aug 2013

8 Miami Ad School New York students kick off 48 hour challenge

#48hoursofdifference helps Kite Patch fight against malaria

Kite Patch is a sticker designed to block mosquitoes' ability to track humans for 48 hours. Malaria continues to kill a child every minute of the day. But by making humans invisible to mosquitoes, Kite Patch has the power to significantly impact malaria transmission rates.

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19 Jul 2013

Clammers and Tanners Coming to A TV Near You, Not Really

Grad Patrick Regan Creates Real, Fake Advertising

Have you seen a commercial for the new reality television show “Meet The Tanners” and thought to yourself “Where is my remote, I have to DVR this!” only to find out the promo is for a fake, albeit, very real looking show?

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31 May 2013

The Evolution of Creative Education

Ron Seichrist Discusses Portfolio Schools In A New Book For Aspiring Creatives

The Get A Job Workshop, edited by Laurence Minsky, is a book filled with insights and advice from advertising professionals in all areas of the industry. It is a great round-up of the three keys to a job in the creative field - the search, your portfolio and your reputation

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01 May 2013

Rick Liebling Discusses The Speed of Which Culture is Changing


Recently Rick Liebling, Creative Culturalist at Y&R New York, stopped by the Miami location for their Industry Heroes series. Check out the videos below to see Rick discuss the role of a creative culturalist, protecting a brand’s “blind side” and dealing with the blitz scheme, cultural singularity and the speed of change, how a porn star becoming a mainstream actress has more to do with brands than you think and ultimately, why the more we know, the less we understand.

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14 Mar 2013

The 5 most important things to remember as a brand on instagram

You don’t have to sell anything but yourself

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms. With 100 million monthly active users and an average 8500 likes per second, it's no wonder that brands want to play in this space. But like all other social networks, Instagram was made for people, not brands.

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06 Mar 2013

Student Project Aims to Fill New York Public Libraries Again

The Underground Library Enriches Your Daily Commute

Three students from Miami Ad Schools all over the world came up with a brilliant idea while taking classes in Brooklyn and working together in a Greenhouse Internship at 360i in New York. San Francisco student Keri Tan (AD), Hamburg student Max Pilwat (AD) and Miami student Ferdi Rodriguez (CW) are trying to solve the public library crisis, 10 pages at a time.

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28 Feb 2013

7 Ways to Write Better Creative Briefs

"A brief is a labor of love. The planner should care deeply about every single word on the page."

Brilliant creative work almost always begins with a killer brief. It's the planner's role to develop creative briefs filled with insight, consumer understanding, and inspiration for the team and for your clients. So, better briefs = better work! Simple, right?

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26 Feb 2013

Why big idea portfolios and internships are important

An interview with Y&R’s Global Creative Talent Coordinator

Recently we caught up with Alexis Gianoulis, Global Creative Talent Coordinator for Y&R in New York. She visited Miami Ad School South Beach to review portfolios and help students who are getting ready to graduate with interview skills and tips for their books.

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11 Feb 2013

If You’re Going To Be In Advertising You Have To Play As A Team

Working Together and Networking On The Soccer Field

Soccer Sundays are a long tradition at Miami Ad School- Miami. For 20 years, students, teachers/local creatives and staff flock to Flamingo Park in Miami Beach to run around the field and get their creative juices flowing again. Although it may seem like just a sport, working together and communicating helps in many situations on and off the field.

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31 Jan 2013

Using Social Media to Pitch In and Clean Up Our World

Jeff Kirschner Crowdsources Community Improvement With Litterati

Litter is not only an eyesore, bringing down the community aesthetics, but it is also a financial burden. According to a study done by Keep America Beautiful, the direct cost of litter cleanup and prevention each year is about $11.5 billion dollars.

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28 Jan 2013

Portfolio School Should Be More Than Just Creating A Book

Sean Wright Talks About His Internship and Experience at Digitas

Our students come to Miami Ad School because they’ve discovered the creative side of advertising and need to build a portfolio. Although our classes are practical and taught by working professionals, nothing is more valuable than real-world experience.

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17 Jan 2013

Portfolio School Student Wins Miami Beach Art Deco Poster Contest

Miami Ad School Art Director Matt Kern’s Design Displayed This Weekend

A few years ago, the Miami Design Preservation League decided to open a competition for their annual Miami Beach Art Deco Weekend promotional poster. Previously created by commissioned artists, the contest gives an art student the chance to win the Barbara Baer Capitman Design Scholarship and have their design showcased in a global forum.

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