24 Nov 2014

Pandora understands what other brands don’t.

When you have bright, creative students brainstorming award-winning ideas for your brand don’t sic your lawyers on them.

Instead do what Pandora did; say Thank You! When Miami Ad School students, Frank Garcia, Giulia Magaldi and German S Rivera won a gold Clio a One Show Award and an Applied Arts Award for their class project, “Underground Stations” inspired by Pandora, the music streaming and automatic recommendation service, congratulated the creative team, by publicizing the students’ innovative work on LinkedIn.

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21 Nov 2014

Five principles you need to learn about Social Media.

If you had access to the best people, platforms, agencies and brands doing real and effective Social Media marketing; what would you ask them?

If you had access to the best people, platforms, agencies and brands doing real and effective Social Media marketing; what would you ask them? We asked, and what they have to say, besides being enlightening, might even surprise you.

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12 Nov 2014

Meet two more of the world-famous street artists painting the School during Art Basel.

Sheryo & The Yok painted the inside of Miami Ad School in New York. Now their signature red, white and black creatures are coming to Miami.

Sheryo & The Yok have been travelling and exhibiting together around the world since 2011. Since moving to New York, the duo have been painting their way up the burgeoning street art scene - Complex magazine’s “Top 10 street artists to watch in 2013 and 2014”, CBS NY’s “6 women street artists you should know”, Huffington Post’s “25 Street artists from around the world who are shaking up public art” & Deitch’s “Women on the walls” exhibition at Art Basel Miami.

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12 Nov 2014

Graduate's not-exactly-hand-made Pee Font featured on FastCoDesign.com.

Creating type faces is part of the art direction and design programs at Miami Ad School but we didn't teach this!

When his typography teacher, Monika Pobog, saw Aravindan Thirunavukarasu's Pee Font she said, "I love it when students take a different approach - when they do something unexpected. I would have given him an A!"

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11 Nov 2014

Advertising students at San Jose State University get a Taste of Miami Ad School.

Sessions, beamed live from Miami, offer university students a taste of the projects students at Miami Ad School's locations around the world are immersed in.

The Spartan's first Taste of Miami Ad School was a selection from the course, Voice of Type, presented by Polish designer and Miami Ad School instructor, Monika Pobog-Malinowska. The course is part of the art direction, copywriting and Masters programs at MAS. Monika said, "My session with the students was early in the morning but I didn't need coffee because I was so excited to spend the hour sharing and talking with them about type. Some of the examples I presented were smart, others were funny. I knew the students were looking at fonts in a new way when they actually started laughing at a logotype."

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07 Nov 2014

A childhood memory inspired Jim Winters to reinvent the rotosphere. A chance meeting at an art festival gave this rotosphere a home at Miami Ad School in Wynwood.

An interview with Jim Winters, neon artist and founder of Bulldog Neon.

PS: I've never seen a school for neon? How did you get into the business? JW: I picked up neon in the late 80"s when I started to make neon spark plug wires for cars and motorcycles, then the whole Miami Vice/Sobe era hit and people started asking me to make all kinds of neon, hence the birth of Bulldog Neon. I'm a former Marine so the bulldog seemed to be the perfect logo and mascot for my company.

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03 Nov 2014

Street Artist, Kislow, returns with his spray cans to paint Miami Ad School's Wynwood walls.

Come for a tour, see his work and on Dec. 5 get a lesson in the art of aerosol.

Almost a year ago, during Art Basel 2013, we hosted a talented street-artist from Crimea who painted on one of our walls, a mural that represents the migration process of creative minds. This artist is now a dear friend of Miami Ad School and he will be back for the school's Grand Opening event during Art Basel 2014.

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