18 Dec 2015

Regular Holiday Gift Wrap is soooo 2015

Create the perfect paper your friends & family will love because your face is on it.

Gift Wrap My Face has solved the problem of boring wrapping paper across the world!

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15 Dec 2015

Why Do We Love Sappy Christmas Commercials?

My Mom and 40 million other people liked these two viral videos that will have you hitting your share button.

If your mom is like my mom, she frequently shares videos with you. People share videos as a way of staying connected. It's a way of sending someone a little message that says, "I was thinking of you. You were on my mind and this cool, unbelievable, beautiful (enter the appropriate descriptor) video reminds me of you."

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24 Nov 2015

Having a Hard Time Deciding on Your Career?

We know why. Creativity is calling.

If you can't decide what career is right for you it’s very likely you'll thrive, grow, bloom and even flourish in a creative career in advertising, design, social media or content creation because these fields incorporate a little of everything: creativity, business, innovation, story-telling, technology, photography, psychology…

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16 Nov 2015

Come "Meet the Future" on November 23rd at Portfolio Center

Three of the industry's most influential leaders are in Atlanta and will share their vision for the future

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These three very awarded individuals have never shared the stage together. They are the leaders of the 2015 Agency of the Year, 2015 Agency Network of the Year and the 2015 Multicultural Agency of the Year. Come hear how they led their companies to record growth and creative recognition with their work for Nike, Beats Music, Coke, Lego and McDonald's.

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16 Nov 2015

Portfolio Center and Miami Ad School are Actually Siblings

Both Schools, brainchildren of Ron Seichrist, are finally reunited

"We remember our "first times" more than any other. In a sense Portfolio Center was my first kiss: I was young, dumb and very lucky but the kiss was sweet and unforgettable. What a gift to my life to be back where it all started." – Ron Seichrist, Founder of Portfolio Center & Miami Ad School

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09 Nov 2015

One of the Most Inventive Student Ideas on the Face of the Earth

Saving the World One Mouse Click at a Time

This year the Cannes Future Lions competition challenged students all over the world to come up with their most innovative ideas. The judges reviewed over 1,800 entries and selected two winners from Miami Ad School San Francisco.

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22 Sep 2015

Learn From the Top Social Media Experts

The Social Media Boot Camp is Now in San Francisco (New York and Miami too)

What will you learn? In 12 short-but-intense weeks you’ll learn to develop social media strategies and campaigns. You’ll have the skills you need to show your future employer you can build brands and manage clients social presence using social media. Each week your mentor will be a different social media expert. Instructors include professionals from Twitter, Facebook, Google and top agencies like MUH-TAY-ZIK HOFFER and CutWater.

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17 Sep 2015

Looking for a Job? Try Showcasing Your Failures.

One copywriter's interesting approach to getting a call back.

Miami Ad School New York instructor and former senior creative at Ogilvy, Jeff Scardino, conducts an experiment to see what type a resumé will get him the most interviews. One of Jeff's resumés got eight responses and five interview requests. The other got a big fat nothing. Find out what he did to get agencies to contact him.

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04 Sep 2015

Learn How to Use Agile Methodology and Create Brand Experiences and Working Prototypes Faster Than You Ever Imagined.

This 3-Hour Agile Methodology Workshop is offered in New York on Sept 24th and Nov 4th. Space is Limited.

Learn to rapidly iterate and prototype ideas, as well deploy those ideas quickly in order to continue building on them with actionable user insights and feedback. Through Agile Methodology you will finally be able to create those "crown jewel" ideas.

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28 Aug 2015

Miami Ad School is the Harvard of Brand Creativity

"They have a curriculum, culture and educational approach that gets the best out of people."

Erik Saelems, Founder of Brandhome, and a large portion of his Antwerp, Belgium based creative team came to work with Miami Ad School's Innovation Lab. The Brandhome team spent a week coaching the students as they concepted and developed campaigns for 11 briefs. Watch the creative process at work in the Innovation Lab!

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27 Aug 2015

He is the Most Awarded Student in the World

His advice? Carry Three Things in Your Quiver: Passion, Dedication and the Balls to do Something Crazy

This year Soham Chatterjee is the most awarded student in the world. His copywriting skills have won him 79 national and international awards. Here he shares his thoughts on winning, working and advice for future creatives.

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18 Aug 2015

Nike, Beats by Dre, Makerbot and Now Miami Ad School All Benefit From His Big Brain

Barry Wacksman, Global Chief Strategy Officer at R/GA, is now Chairman of the Board at Miami Ad School

"Miami Ad School teaches people how to think creatively. There's nothing else in the world quite like this school which is why the placement rate for grads is close to 100%. I believe Miami Ad School is a critical part of the educational ecosystem for agencies and I want to contribute." - Barry Wacksman

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12 Aug 2015

Are You a Promising Strategist Who Could Use $1,500?

Enter your genius strategy and inspiring brief in the "Pick of the Litter” competition. 

The Pick of the Litter Competition recognizes genius account planning strategy. Present your award-winning work at the 4A's Strategy Festival October 4th!

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10 Aug 2015

Are Models Really as Bad as People Say?

The inside story on what it's like to be a fashion photographer from graduate, Yachin Parham

Yachin has worked with J Crew, MCM, Milo Tricot, Maggie Jeans, WEB Denim and is a regular contributor for Essence Magazine. Find out the one unexpected skill he honed that led to his success.

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06 Aug 2015

What Would You do if Your Government Banned Porn?

Miami Ad School Students in Mumbai imagine a life without porn.

A group of art direction and copywriting students created #liftthepornban. Their creative point of view imagines search results if porn was banned. See what would pop up on your computer screen if you were in India and typed your most kinky fetish into your browser’s search bar.

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05 Aug 2015

Why Walk If You Can Dance?

An invitation to live differently

Miami Ad School first quarter students create videos and gifs that express their first week as a new student.

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29 Jul 2015

How do You Know When You're too Drunk to Drive?

One of the Most Inventive Student Ideas on the Face of the Earth.

Out of 1,800 entries from all over the world this idea was selected as one of the best three and won the Future Lion. Picture it, you’re out having a few drinks with friends. How many times have you thought that those two beers would put you way under the legal limit? It’s ONLY two beers. With the SafeStamp campaign you no longer have to guess.

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20 Jul 2015

How Do You Learn Photography, Get Exercise and Make New Friends All at the Same Time?

Go on the photo safari ride with Manolo Garcia, photography instructor & director at Miami Ad School San Francisco

Join Miami Ad School and see San Francisco through your lens with the wind in your hair.

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14 Jul 2015

Are You as Funny as Droga5, Ogilvy and TBWA?

Two of our students are.

Everyone in the industry has heard of Cannes Lions but have you heard of Dannes Lions? Dannes Lions recognizes the top 100 agencies with this prestigious award for the funniest campaigns. Are you funny enough?

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08 Jul 2015

Pharrel Williams Made Me Happy, Happy, Happy but Cindy Gallop, Wendy Clark, Piera Gelardi and Jessica Walsh Inspired Me

Maddy Kramer, Miami Ad School Graduate, Shares her Cannes Lions Experience

The best advice I received was from Mark D'Arcy, VP, Chief Creative Officer of Facebook Creative Shop. He said, "If you can’t find your perfect role in an agency go and create your own, change the game and make it yours." Hear more inspiring bits of wisdom from the brightest minds at the Cannes Lion Festival.

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29 Jun 2015

Advertising Needs You, Especially If You're Black, Brown, Pink or Rainbow

Ron Seichrist, the Visionary Behind Miami Ad School, Receives the Mosaic Award for his contribution to diversity in advertising.

That's not Ron. (He doesn't look that good in a dress.) That's Pippa Seichrist, his wife and cofounder of Miami Ad School. She accepted the award on his behalf at the American Advertising Federation award show in Las Vegas. Find out the unlikely person who changed Ron's life forever and how Ron has paid it forward ever since.

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19 Jun 2015

I Created a Company in 54 Hours

What Did You Do Last Weekend?

Never eat alone again. Breakin’ Bread, a new app, takes those uncomfortable meals by yourself and turns them into a time of sharing and creativity.

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19 Jun 2015

France? Who Has the Time?

Enjoy Cannes Lions from the comfort of your couch.

Want the scoop on who to follow? Who's attending? We did too!

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17 Jun 2015

You'll Get Paid To Do This

Saatchi & Saatchi in Brazil shows us some of the crazy things you get to do when you have a career in advertising

We bet these three videos will make you smile. Sometimes the silliest and most entertaining ideas are the best at building a brand.

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09 Jun 2015

Hey, Universal. Here’s a Great Way to Promote Jurassic World

Students at Miami Ad School Mumbai used technology, or actually the failure of technology, to promote Jurassic World

In the original dinosaur blockbuster, Jurassic Park, technology allowed scientists to bring back the dinosaur. Amazing computer animation made the creatures look real. But two students at Miami Ad School Mumbai, toddlers when the first movie came out, didn’t need fancy CGI special effects for their idea to promote Jurassic World, the latest movie in the franchise.

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09 Jun 2015

It’s Just Like the Cannes Film Festival but Instead of Brad Pitt, Dave Droga Will Be There

Maddy Kramer, a Miami Ad School graduate, will be there too along with some of the most creative women on earth.

Dave Droga is one of the hottest creatives in the world. While he is pretty darn cute, what makes him so hot is his creative mind and the work he and his ad agency, Droga5, creates. Later this month many of the world’s top art directors, copywriters, designers, strategists and developers will be in France for the Cannes Lions’ festival. (It's like the Cannes Film Festival but instead of the best movies, the Cannes Lions’ festival recognizes the power of creativity and celebrates the people shaping the future of creative brand communications.) Maddy Kramer, Miami Ad School graduate and Interactive Art Director at Latin Works, will be there too as part of See It Be It. Only 12 women creatives from all over the world were selected!

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05 Jun 2015

He Made Mattel, 20th Century Fox and Saatchi More Creative. Now It Is Your Turn.

One-minute lessons with riCardo Crespo, Chief Creative Officer at th13teen

Students at Miami Ad School select their creative careers with advice and coaching from hundreds of brilliant, creative people. They have the jobs you dream of and teach you the skills you need to be hired in their companies. riCardo (That is not a typo, he spells his name that way) has had the coolest jobs. Hear the career advice he gave our students. It's the kind of career advice Miami Ad School students get everyday.

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02 Jun 2015

Two Creative Spirits and A Unicorn

Miami Ad School welcomes Portfolio Center into our global network.

Why on earth did the co-founder of Miami Ad School give Portfolio Center a unicorn?

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27 May 2015

Do You Know Which Advertising Agency Has Hired the Most Miami Ad School Students?

748 of our students have been art directors, copywriters, strategists and designers at this top agency.

You'll find Miami Ad School students and grads at the best advertising agencies in the world but one agency has loved Miami Ad School the most. See the top five ad agencies that together have selected more than 2,557 of our students and grads for internships and jobs.

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19 May 2015

How Do You Come Up With Extraordinary Ideas?

The Best Ideas Do One of Three Things.

In today's innovation economy people are swamped with media, ideas and noise. Find out how to create ideas that will stand out, build brands and add value to peoples' lives.

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18 May 2015

How I Got the Chance to Work on a Hip Hop Documentary

Miami Ad School's Network Made It All Possible.

Having Miami Ad School as a common link helped me land my first job in the film industry faster than I ever dreamed.

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13 May 2015

First Day of School-Last Day of Boring

Summer Quarter Starts July 6th, Apply Now!

Even student ID photos are an opportunity to be creative. “Miami Ad School changed everything for me. It gave me entry into a world full of creative excellence, incredibly talented people to learn from and a platform to do my best and shine.” Rajivi Rao, copywriting student, India

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13 May 2015

Top 10 Recruiter Tips for a Creative Portfolio

Creative recruiters from Saatchi & Saatchi and VML let you in on what they look for in a portfolio.

The Creative Recruiters from Saatchi & Saatchi and VML have been big supporters of Miami Ad School for many years. They always attend our New York Portfolio Reviews to meet with our recent graduates. A couple of weeks ago we invited them to the school to give the students advice how to build a better school portfolio. Here are their top 10 portfolio tips.

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13 May 2015

A Grand Clio & Kisses

Students from Miami Ad School Hamburg, San Francisco and Miami team together while studying in New York to create "Macy’s Xmas Roulette".

Creating award-winning ideas is one way to get the attention of potential employers. Miami Ad School students are the most awarded in the world.

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28 Apr 2015

Student Housing Just Became as Simple as Finding a Starbucks

Join The Network

Student subletting and housing will never be the same. We're all too familiar with how difficult it can be to find housing when moving to different campuses or attending internships in other cities. Miami Ad School is excited to introduce The Network.

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21 Apr 2015

What If Advertising Agencies Were Ice Cream Flavors?

AdFreak Features Student Self-Promotion Project

Ice cream sounds a whole lot better when it involves design and a good spoof.

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20 Apr 2015

Master's Program Students at Miami Ad School and FIU Help Florida Farmers with Social Media

Farmers learn to grow a following.

“Miami Ad School provides an environment where students are constantly challenged to think creatively while FIU provides a analytical backdrop to help students make informed decisions based on the client brief. It’s really the best of both worlds.”

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03 Apr 2015

5 Things Pros Know About Social Media That You Don’t

Graduates From the Social Media and Engagement Strategy Boot Camp Share Industry Insights

Collaboration in social media has never been more relevant, more needed, and it is changing the industry from within.

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01 Apr 2015

“The Miami Ad School Students Are Our Secret Weapon”

The Marketing Department at Irie Music Corporation shares their thoughts on working with our Innovation Team

Our Innovation Team delivers the strategic thinking and creativity you are looking for. The Marketing Department at Irie Music Corporation shares their experience.

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24 Mar 2015

One Miami Ad School Graduate Will Win a Full Scholarship to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Are you the one?

The Berlin School of Creative Leadership at Steinbeis University has created a "Miami Ad School Scholarship"! Become a creative leader.

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14 Mar 2015

Play SCORE and Date the Smart Way

Two Miami Ad School Grads Create SCORE, a mobile dating app that is the ultimate icebreaker.

David Steinberg and Casey Cordes, Apptigo Co-Founders, dreamed up a way to make dating all about personality. It’s a game. It’s the ultimate icebreaker. This app may lead to your next date, boyfriend/girlfriend or even a marriage proposal. Play SCORE and date the smart way.

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12 Mar 2015

From Lawyer to Copywriter and a Creative Career

I took the chance and changed my life.

I absolutely hated being a lawyer. Admitting to myself that my prior career was not going to make me a happy camper was step number one. From there was the big WTF do I do now? Here I am over a decade after graduating still very, very thankful for everything I learned at Miami Ad School!

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02 Mar 2015


Musings from Ben Jones, Creative Director, Google

The folks at Google know what they’re doing. I realized that Google makes mistakes and they embrace them. Why? Their goal is to do the best things possible and that can only be achieved by trying relentlessly and by looking for human insights.

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02 Mar 2015

Top 5 Ways to Become “Top Dog”

Do you have what it takes?

Color, design, and great copy are some of the elements that must be present on an eye-catching ad, but to be a Top Dog you need more than that. Take a look to work of our current students, you will be amazed by what you will find they did.

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02 Mar 2015

Elia Khalaf Creates “A Sound You Can See”

New World Symphony Unveils “Heartbreakers” Poster

Elia Khalaf impressed the New World Symphony with a piece that evoked emotions and left viewers both elated and defeated.

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27 Feb 2015

Tips for Your Creative Job Hunt and Mistakes to Avoid

An Interview With Y&R’s Global Creative Talent Recruiter

Yesterday we posted about what Alexis Gianoulis, Global Creative Talent Coordinator for Y&R looks for in a portfolio, why they are important and the value of internships. Today we continue with the interview where she explains the process for juniors in getting their first job, working with the recruiter and mistakes to avoid.

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27 Feb 2015

Design is Creativity in Love with Business.


Being creative is a full-time job. You never disconnect. To some degree you’re always thinking. I think on the go. I’m really good at thinking when I’m moving. When I'm at the gym training I’m also thinking about a new idea. I travel a lot and and I plan during the quiet time on planes. You have to bring a solution to the problem in an unexpected way.

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20 Feb 2015

Miami Ad School Hosts Hack-a-Thon

Are you a hacker? Love code? Join us and Code for America on Feb. 21st!

Create, organize and help answer some of the Miami community’s most commonly asked questions about our government and local neighborhood.

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14 Feb 2015

A Valentine's Day Card for Your Creative Soulmate.

Because behind every great creative success there is a great creative partnership

You will probably spend more waking hours with your creative partner than with your significant other. Here is the perfect Valentine's Day card for that special art director or copywriter in your life.

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13 Feb 2015

Teaching, Unicorns & Dressing Fashionably Cool.

Tara Lawall: Droga5, Creative Director, Instructor and Miami Ad School Grad

"Of all of the places I’ve worked, this is the one that I feel the most a part of. We are all building this agency, and that ownership makes it really special." – Tara Lawall

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11 Feb 2015

Creating Great Ideas is a Team Sport That I Love to Play.

account planner + copywriter + art director

Miami Ad School account planning student shares the lessons she's learned and how she's already using them.

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11 Feb 2015

Google Teaches Miami Ad School Students How to See Trends as They Are Developing.

Google partnered with Miami Ad School to train the future creative leaders

Google Head of Trends and Insights thinks personalization in the form of your smartphone will simplify your world, learn how.

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10 Feb 2015

Join Us for Free Events, Speakers & Workshops


Miami Ad School hosts tons of events. You’re invited! • Hear a talk on creativity, UX, or innovation. • Take a workshop and improve your presentation skills or digital strategy. • Participate in a hackathon, AIGA, IXDA or AdFed event. • Laugh till you pee your pants at stand-up comedy night.

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08 Feb 2015

Miami Ad School X Google Firestarters

Creativity in a Constrained World

Miami Ad School students take a front row seat at Google Firestarter's event, "Creativity in a Constrained World".

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27 Jan 2015

From bank VP to award-winning art director.

How I found a career I love at Miami Ad School.

​At 29, I thought I had life figured out. I was a Vice President for an International Bank in Panama, my country. I had my music on almost every single radio station. I was living a pretty decent life. While on a trip to Miami I saw a sign that made me question my career choice. 'Thou shall not do boring advertising' were the words that make me quit my career to follow my dream.

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23 Jan 2015

From new student to illustrator and author.

A first quarter assignment brought to life characters from another world.

The Idea Presentation course is the beginning of your creative journey. Superstar instructor, Kim Capron Gonzalez, helps students jump right in at Miami Ad School.

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19 Jan 2015

Bulgaria to Brooklyn, finding my way to Miami Ad School.

First impressions of a creative new world by first quarter art direction student, Martina Solakova.

First walk to school. Anxious, like my first ever school day. Skyscrapers. Art stores. Fancy cafes. Happy faces. A creative smell in the air. Fresh breeze. It feels like dawn, clean, pure, waking up to a new beginning.

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12 Jan 2015

Three Miami Ad School grads are named "The Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30” by Business Insider

See the outstanding ideas that our art direction and copywriting grads created that made them famous so early in their advertising careers.

For the second year in a row Business Insider names Miami Ad School grads to the list of "The 30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30." These three are smart, creative and innovative. Felix, Jenna and Sam are the advertising leaders of the future.

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12 Jan 2015

Week #1 in the Boot Camp for Account Planning

What I learned from my instructor, Christopher Owens, Brand Planning Director at The Richards Group.

“Account Planning” is a vague term that encompasses many different types of planners. According to Christopher, “We are strategists and storytellers, collaborators and champions of ideas.

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09 Jan 2015

Choosing a career path wasn’t easy for me

Here are three important questions that helped me find my way

For the four years after college I tried five different careers: Premed Student. Clinical Researcher. Marketer. Photographer. Third Grade Teacher. While I was good at all of them, none were right for me. Choosing a career path wasn’t easy. It isn’t easy for most people. Here are three important questions that helped me find my way.

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05 Jan 2015

Confessions of a Creative

It took acing a statistics test to make me realize I wanted to be in advertising.

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” (That Confucius guy is so smart.) Many art directors, writers, strategists, designers and social media experts started out in a different career. Before coming to Miami Ad School our students were lawyers, teachers, accountants, taxi drivers, waiters… some were just out of school. Others had already worked in the industry but needed more training and connections to get a better job, a job they will love. Find out what people submit when they apply to Miami Ad School.

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02 Jan 2015

What do you do when someone is talking about you?

Build a social media command center that combines comments from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin so you can see and respond to what people are saying.

Brands are more social than ever, products are almost living beings, and relationships with customers are as sensible as your last romantic affair. If you had the ability to know who is talking about your brand would you use it?

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01 Jan 2015

Clustered Web Application Test

Testing the distributed filesystem, distributed transaction and load balanced nodes


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