28 Aug 2015

Miami Ad School is the Harvard of Brand Creativity

"They have a curriculum, culture and educational approach that gets the best out of people."

Erik Saelems, Founder of Brandhome, and a large portion of his Antwerp, Belgium based creative team came to work with Miami Ad School's Innovation Lab. The Brandhome team spent a week coaching the students as they concepted and developed campaigns for 11 briefs. Watch the creative process at work in the Innovation Lab!

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27 Aug 2015

He is the Most Awarded Student in the World

His advice? Carry Three Things in Your Quiver: Passion, Dedication and the Balls to do Something Crazy

This year Soham Chatterjee is the most awarded student in the world. His copywriting skills have won him 79 national and international awards. Here he shares his thoughts on winning, working and advice for future creatives.

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18 Aug 2015

Nike, Beats by Dre, Makerbot and Now Miami Ad School All Benefit From His Big Brain

Barry Wacksman, Global Chief Strategy Officer at R/GA, is now Chairman of the Board at Miami Ad School

"Miami Ad School teaches people how to think creatively. There's nothing else in the world quite like this school which is why the placement rate for grads is close to 100%. I believe Miami Ad School is a critical part of the educational ecosystem for agencies and I want to contribute." - Barry Wacksman

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12 Aug 2015

Are You a Promising Strategist Who Could Use $1,500?

Enter your genius strategy and inspiring brief in the "Pick of the Litter” competition. 

The Pick of the Litter Competition recognizes genius account planning strategy. Present your award-winning work at the 4A's Strategy Festival October 4th!

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10 Aug 2015

Are Models Really as Bad as People Say?

The inside story on what it's like to be a fashion photographer from graduate, Yachin Parham

Yachin has worked with J Crew, MCM, Milo Tricot, Maggie Jeans, WEB Denim and is a regular contributor for Essence Magazine. Find out the one unexpected skill he honed that led to his success.

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06 Aug 2015

What Would You do if Your Government Banned Porn?

Miami Ad School Students in Mumbai imagine a life without porn.

A group of art direction and copywriting students created #liftthepornban. Their creative point of view imagines search results if porn was banned. See what would pop up on your computer screen if you were in India and typed your most kinky fetish into your browser’s search bar.

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05 Aug 2015

Why Walk If You Can Dance?

An invitation to live differently

Miami Ad School first quarter students create videos and gifs that express their first week as a new student.

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