08 Dec 2017

The Only Show During Art Basel That You Can Only See When You Can Not See

Miami Ad School Art Direction Students Elisa Sain and Cris Cordero Create "Basel Braille" for the National Federation for the Blind.

TAKEOUT—the Experience Delivery Service that focuses on creating unique and lasting experience for brands and organizations—was founded by Miami Ad School art direction students Elisa Sain and Cris Cordero. The creative duo has focused on creating a counterculture of art as something personal and lasting. Something that goes beyond an Instagram post.

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30 Nov 2017

When it Comes to Strategic Planning, the Right Mentors Can Make All the Difference

Danielle McKinley on lessons from two stellar mentors during the past three weeks of the Boot Camp for Strategic Planning.

“Planning is the place where you can be most eclectic—outside of being a professional artist. You’re hired specifically for your point of view in the world.”

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28 Nov 2017

R/GA's Jess Greenwood: Is Strategic Planning For You?

R/GA VP, Content & Partnerships and Miami Ad School Boot Camp for Strategic Planning mentor, Jess Greenwood, on how you can tell if a career in strategy is the right fit for you.

Miami Ad School Boot Camp for Strategic Planning mentor Jess Greenwood on what makes a good planner.

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15 Nov 2017

Will You Be a Good Creative Partner?

Being a good creative partner is like being a good spouse—you need to be compatible and it’s best if you actually like each other. Copywriting student Max Mager gives us his take on partnerships, from the writer’s point of view.

"We met in school, and we've been working together for five years, or roughly 1,877 days. But who's counting?”

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01 Nov 2017

Spare Time Gallery Celebrates the Personal Artwork of the Creative Business Community

Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center Opens Spare Time Gallery This November 9th at 6:00 PM

Spare Time Gallery is a space for the after-hours personal work, the artistic play and exploration creatives engage in. The kind of experimentation that often influences the work they do for their companies and clients.

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25 Oct 2017

In Week Two of Your Strategic Planning Boot Camp, Things Get Real

Guest blogger Danielle McKinley on her second week of the Strategic Planning Boot Camp and getting into the details of writing great creative briefs.

In the Strategic Planning Boot Camp, you’ll be mentored by creative strategists who will stop at nothing to give you the guidance you need to find your dream job.

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24 Oct 2017

A Tokyo Advertising Internship Translates into a Life-Altering Experience

Copywriting student, Daphne Lefran, shares her experience at her Ogilvy & Mather advertising internship and attempts to unravel the enigma that is Tokyo.

“Every time I travel, my mind is consumed, wondering what the lives of the people that live at my destination are really like. What do they do for a living? What do they do for fun? Are they happy? Maybe I should’ve been a sociologist, but instead I’m a copywriter. But I guess that sometimes, it’s the same thing.”

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18 Oct 2017

Follow Your Heart to a Creative Job and Help Change the World.

How art direction graduate Belén Márquez fell in love with Miami Ad School and followed her heart to a creative job and a Refugee Nation.

“Proactive ideas—seeing a need and doing something about it—are the ones that satisfy you the most because, more often than not, they come from your heart.”

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11 Oct 2017

You Can Have The Creative Career You’re Dreaming About

A Creative Strategy Boot Camp student and Guest Blogger on her first-day-of-school jitters and her new career.

In the Creative Strategy Boot Camp, imagining creative campaigns is an everyday reality. Each 3-day workshop is taught by planning executives to give students the experience to find their dream job.

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03 Oct 2017

Network Your Way To A Creative Career

Networking is more than schmoozing. Making connections is an essential career skill, and one that Miami Ad School teaches you on your first day of school.

At Miami Ad School, you’ll have networking opportunities every single day. These priceless chances to make contacts will enrich your creative career.

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02 Oct 2017

Creativity Is A Superpower: Miami Ad School Student Helps #BuildTheWalls After Mexico Earthquake

Miami Ad School New York copywriter Ana Miraglia takes divisive rhetoric and turns it into a force for good.

Now, more than ever, Mexico needs help building a great deal of walls. New York copywriter Ana Miraglia uses her talents to pitch in.

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28 Sep 2017

Why You’ll Love a Career in Design: Ken Carbone

Design legend and friend of Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center Ken Carbone shares what a creative career in design has meant to him.

“Seeing the world through the lens of design has made me hyper-visual and curious about the wonders of the world.” — Ken Carbone

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19 Sep 2017

5 Writing Tips I Learned at Miami Ad School

Promising student copywriter Caleb Fils-Aime, recounts the important lessons he learned from Miami Ad School Co-Founder, Ron Seichrist.

Having a class with the legendary co-founder of Miami Ad School could understandably be intimidating, but the lessons Caleb learned paid off. Now he’s sharing them with you.

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15 Sep 2017

Phoenix Suns Draft Rookie Designer Alex Cohen

He was a design student getting ready to graduate in Atlanta. In just two short weeks he became a full-fledged sports designer in Phoenix. Alex lands his dream job with the Suns.

Alex Cohen set a new record. In two weeks flat he went from graduating design student putting his portfolio together to a designer for the Suns. Cross-country move included.

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06 Sep 2017

Failing Fast: Why Making Your Mistakes In School Helps Your Career Take Off From Day One

Miami Ad School grad and Lyft Associate Creative Director Brian Button on being a small fish in a big pond, getting out what you put in and how everyone looks short when standing next to Shaq.

Grad Brian Button—Now an ACD at Lyft—On the Life Lessons Learned and Future-Altering Connections Made While at Miami Ad School.

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30 Aug 2017

Top 10 Things People Ask About Miami Ad School

It's a big decision. So, having questions is only natural. Here are the top 10 questions we get asked about the school.

Wonder no more: here are the top 10 questions most asked by applicants to Miami Ad School—oh, and the answers, too.

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15 Aug 2017

Want a Creative Career? Here’s What You Need To Do.

Aliza and Haley’s new jobs at Y&R in New York are just one of the creative career success stories we’ve received from our grads in the past couple of weeks. Here’s how they did it.

Miami Ad School’s placement team works to put grads and creative career opportunities together. Here are a few of the most recent moves our grads have made.

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10 Aug 2017

VIDEO: Jayanta Jenkins—How Far Will You Go?

When you start a creative career, you’re in for an adventure. You’ll go places, do things, and meet people you never would have imagined.

Careers in the creative fields are anything but ordinary. Jayanta’s journey is just one example of what you’re in for if you “go down the rabbit hole.”

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31 Jul 2017

Do You Hate Something? Then Change Something.

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with hating something. We all need something to fight for—or against. It’s what makes change happen.

With advertising asking us to love everything from laundry detergent to barbecue sauce, maybe “Love” ain't what it used to be. But hate still has all it's power.

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21 Jul 2017

The Creative Career You’re Dreaming of is Much Closer Than You Can Imagine

Miami Ad School’s placement program continues to bring grads and jobs together. Here are a few of the most recent hires and promotions.

Miami Ad School’s placement program is always hard at work matching grads with career opportunities. Here are a few of the most recent moves our grads have made.

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13 Jul 2017

Jayanta Jenkins Redefines Twitter For Its Second Decade

Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center graduate Jayanta Jenkins takes on the challenge of positioning social media powerhouse Twitter for continued relevance in a changing world.

Nailing down a brand image for something as complex and user-driven as Twitter is as tough a challenge as they come. See how grad Jayanta Jenkins is getting it done.

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12 Jun 2017

How Do You Stand Out in a Crowd? Create Something New.

An art director/copywriter team dreamed of an internship at Droga5, so they did something a little crazy and got that internship.

Want to make an impression and be remembered? Create something new for your audience.

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01 Jun 2017

Hank Richardson: “Each Student Is an Opportunity to Change the World”

“We push students. We expect them to visit those places in their psyches they’ve yet to go.”

“Good teachers facilitate the lonely process of moving inward for answers.” –Design Coach Hank Richardson on his philosophy of developing budding designers.

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30 May 2017

Your Job Placement Process Starts On Your Very First Day of School

Our placement assistance doesn’t begin after you have your diploma. At Miami Ad School, placement begins on day one.

In most schools, placement assistance is something that happens after graduation. Miami Ad School is different. Our placement process starts right away.

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16 May 2017

Learn From Top Social Media Strategists This Summer in Atlanta

MIami Ad School Atlanta's Boot Camp for Social Media Starts July 5th. Here Are Some of Your Classes and The Mentors Who Will Help You Master Them

The Miami Ad School Atlanta Boot Camp for Social Media begins on July 5th. Here are some of the professionals who will be your mentors as your learn the ropes of your new Social Strategy career.

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11 May 2017

Making Your Dreams Come True: Taking That First Step

Join us for a free workshop at the New York Festivals, Thursday, May 18th from 2:30 – 4:00 PM.

You’ve got great dreams—it’s time to get going on making them come true. Get some wisdom from folks who have done just that.

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09 May 2017

Opera Singer, Circus Performer, Attorney: What Students Did Before They Found Miami Ad School

No matter where you start, you can find your way to becoming who you are meant to be.

Miami Ad School students have done all sorts of things before they found that a creative career was the thing they most wanted.

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04 May 2017

Celebrating the Planner With the Biggest Heart: 
The Derek Parkin Scholarship

We can help people and even change the world by learning to work together.

The Derek Parkin Scholarship rewards the planner not only with the biggest mind, but the biggest heart.

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29 Apr 2017

Miami Ad School Punta Cana Launches With Kevin Allen’s "Getting To Great" Workshop

Miami Ad School Punta Cana, the first school location in the Caribbean, is open for business.

​After a combined 20 years of service at Miami Ad School Miami and Miami Ad School New York, Jose Guillermo and Willie Diaz—alongside their team—proudly performed a ribbon cutting ceremony announcing to the Caribbean and Central America that Miami Ad School is now officially open for business in the neighborhood.

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26 Apr 2017

12 Weeks in Atlanta to Change Your Social Media World Forever

Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Social Media is coming to Atlanta this summer. Here are the class topics and events you have to look forward to over the course of 12 life-changing weeks.

Take your career to the next level at the Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Social Media, coming to Atlanta for the very first time. Classes start July 3rd.

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21 Apr 2017

You Don’t Know Any Victims of Police Brutality? Are You Sure?

Miami Ad School San Francisco team creates “Six Degrees,” a Facebook campaign that shows how the issue of police brutality affects us all.

Despite what we may think, the victims of police brutality are not statistics but real people who are closer to us than we might imagine.

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17 Apr 2017

Take Your Career Up a Notch: The Boot Camp for Account Planning Is Back in San Francisco

This July 3rd, Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning is back in San Francisco. Learn how this boot camp can ramp up your career and change your life.

The Boot Camp for Account Planning returns to San Francisco July 3, 2017. Get ready for a career-enhancing, life-changing experience.

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13 Apr 2017

54K Social Media Jobs Are Available On LinkedIn Right Now

Land an opportunity in one of the fastest-growing career fields. Get the skills you need in just 12 weeks in Atlanta starting July 3rd.—apply by May 26th.

The need for social media skills in today’s business world is as obvious as the need for savvy professionals who know how to get results.

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11 Apr 2017

Agile Brainstorming Workshop is This April in Toronto!

“The entrepreneur that does not innovate—inevitably ages & declines, and in a period of rapid change such as the present—the decline will be fast.” –Peter F. Drucker

Coming to Miami Ad School Toronto this April 26th and 27th—Update your unproductive brainstorming process and generate ideas that will actually work for your business.

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06 Apr 2017

#StriptheFur and Stand Against Animal Cruelty

Miami Ad School New York students launch a social media campaign calling attention to the inhumanity of the fur trade and invite you to feel the pain.

“The anti-fur issue is very relevant. The numbers are staggering—millions upon millions of animals are slaughtered in the name of fashion.”

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28 Mar 2017

Are you prepared for your next job interview? Here are some questions to be ready for.

You have your diploma in hand and a killer book to show. Here are few questions you may be asked in that all-important interview for the creative job you’re dreaming about.

You’re as ready for that first job interview as you’re ever going to be, right? Well, maybe. Being prepared to answer these questions—from some of the top agencies—may just put you over the top.

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17 Mar 2017

That Really Cool Thing? It Was Made By a Refugee.

Miami Ad School Students Kien Quan and Jillian Young’s “Made By Refugee” Campaign is a Creativity Magazine Editor’s Pick.

Creativity Magazine spotlights Miami Ad School students Kien Quan and Jillian Young’s guerrilla advertising effort to highlight the contributions made by refugees from all over.

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09 Mar 2017

Copywrite Your Way to a Grammy Award

Miami Ad School grad Adam Reeves has pretty much won every single award out there. (No Oscar yet—fingers crossed.)

215mccann Executive Creative Director, Adam Reeves, on his journey from college to Miami Ad School to becoming one of the most-awarded creatives ever.

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01 Mar 2017

Starting Salaries Are Going Up For Miami Ad School Grads

Data for the last Department of Education reporting period shows starting salaries reflecting the growing industry demand for Miami Ad School graduates.

These impressive salary numbers are just one more indicator of today’s ongoing demand for creative talent.

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13 Feb 2017

This Valentine's Day—Have the Courage to Break Up

When it's not all you hoped it would be, maybe it's time to end things. Grads Raj and Colby’s new campaign gives you the courage to break up. With your phone.

Many of us hold on and try to make it work—out of habit or fear—even though we know deep down that the magic is gone.

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03 Feb 2017

9 Miami Ad School Grads Named to Business Insider's 30 Most Creative Under 30

Our Graduates Comprise 30% of the Annual List Compiled by Business Insider

Business Insider's yearly list of the 30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30 always features some of the most renowned young talent in the industry. This years' list features nine Miami Ad School alumni, up from five in 2016.

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01 Feb 2017

Social Media Jobs Are Exploding. Become a World-Class Social Media Strategist in Just 12 Weeks

Become a World Class Social Media Strategist in Just 12 Weeks at Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Social Media. Classes start April 3rd.

Twelve weeks is not a very long time, but the Boot Camp for Social Media will get you workplace-ready with the skills you need to land a job in one of today’s fastest growing professions.

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27 Jan 2017

Donate Life America Shows How Your Name Can Save Lives

Leo Burnett Chicago Senior Copywriter and Miami Ad School grad Soham Chatterjee helps increase organ donor registration with this personalized, integrated campaign.

We speak with Miami Ad School alumnus Senior Copywriter Soham Chatterjee and Associate Creative Director Doug Burnett, who provided insight into the background and strategy behind the "Your Life Saves" initiative.

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26 Jan 2017

Bet On Yourself: Become Who You’re Meant To Be

Miami Ad School art direction graduate Brig White on his journey from art director to film director and taking big chances.

Brig White, Miami Ad School art direction graduate and now a full-time film director on his career path and why he loves his job so much.

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17 Jan 2017

38 Thousand Social Media Jobs Are on LinkedIn Right Now

Get trained for a job you’ll love in just 12 weeks at Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Social Media this spring. Apply by February 27th.

Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Social Media starts in Wynwood April 3rd. The application deadline is February 27, 2016.

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12 Jan 2017

100 Percent Placement: Boost Your Career at Miami Ad School New York’s Boot Camp for Account Planning

Prepare your career for takeoff at Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning in New York City starting April 3rd.

Miami Ad School New York’s Boot Camp for Account Planning starts on April 3rd. Apply by February 27th.

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04 Jan 2017

“Account Planners Need to Be Distillers of Chaos”

Sytse Kooistra, graduate of the Boot Camp for Account Planning in New York, shares the wisdom gained in “A Planner’s Playbook.”

Account Planner and Strategist, Sytse Kooistra, shares all he learned at Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning.

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03 Jan 2017

Is Account Planning For You?

R/GA VP, Content & Partnerships and Miami Ad School Boot Camp for Account Planning mentor, Jess Greenwood, on how you can tell if a career in strategy is the right fit for you.

Miami Ad School Boot Camp for Account Planning mentor Jess Greenwood on what makes a good strategic planner.

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02 Jan 2017

18 Things You Might Not Know About Account Planning

Account Planning is one of the key disciplines in modern advertising that is often misunderstood. Here’s what you need to know.

What is account planning? 18 insights into what is taught at the Miami Ad School Boot Camp for Account Planning.

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