01 Nov 2016

12 Weeks in San Francisco To Change Your Social Media Destiny

Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Social Media is Coming to San Franciso. Here are the class topics and events you can look forward to over the course of the 12 intense weeks.

Here’s a week-by-week breakdown of Miami Ad School San Francisco’s Boot Camp for Social Media, starting January 3rd; the application deadline is November 28, 2016.

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31 Oct 2016

#AtThisAge: Because Some Children Are Not Allowed to Dream

#AtThisAge, a new social media campaign by a team of Miami Ad School students for Street Art for Mankind, sheds light on the suffering of over 200,000 child laborers worldwide.

#AtThisAge, a social media campaign by a Miami Ad School Team for Street Art for Mankind aims to increase awareness of the child labor problem.

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30 Oct 2016

For a Zombie Art Director, It’s the Best Time of the Year

Art direction student Janneth Carolina Rodriguez’s alter ego Zoe the Zombie builds an online following of lovers of things creepy and gory. Here’s a look at her latest short film.

Miami Ad School art direction student Janneth Carolina Rodriguez is a self-taught special effects makeup artist. Learn about her new short film, Tinder.

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26 Oct 2016

Maybe They’re Racist When They’re Hungry?

Snickering At Racists, A Finalist in Miami Ad School’s Unity Initiative, Takes the Fight to the Racists on Twitter, One Snarky Tweet At a Time.

Snickering at Racists—a finalist in Miami Ad School’s Unity Initiative—goes after racists where many of them live, in the darkest corners of Twitter.

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26 Oct 2016

Take a Stand for Racial Harmony: Join the Discrim1Nation Generation

1 Nation Generation, A Finalist in Miami Ad School’s Unity Initiative, Asks You to Join the Movement for a Nation United Against Racial Discrimination

Join 1 Nation Generation—a finalist in Miami Ad School’s Unity Initiative—and stand against a nation divided by racial lines.

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