01 Mar 2016

My First Week as an Account Planning Student at Miami Ad School

Boot Camp Graduate Kiran Carpenter Recalls Her First Week in the Program

We were a diverse class of world perspectives and experiences from Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Puerto Rico, India, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Israel, Japan and the U.S. As we wrapped up week one and quickly kicked off week two, I was amazed at how fast the week flew by and how much we had already experienced, learned and done.

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01 Mar 2016

Miami Ad School and Portfolio Center Impress in Graphis New Talent Annual

The Top Design Schools Shine Brightly in the 2016 Edition with 166 Awards

Miami Ad School and Portfolio Center proved the benefits of collaboration with a stellar showing in the 2016 Graphis New Talent Annual, with Portfolio Center students winning over five times as many awards as last year.

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29 Feb 2016

Smartphone Photography - The Hottest Tool in Content Creation

Your best camera is in your pocket. Take a course and learn all the tricks and apps.

Who would have dreamed that the smartphone would become the camera of choice for advertising agencies. (Thank you Steve Jobs for your vision!) The smartphone's small size, attachable lenses and editing and photo-manipulation apps make it an amazing production tool. Great News! Advertising Jobs Are at Their Highest Level Since 2001. Here's Why: With the boom of social media, brands need content for all the different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, SnapChat...) The demand for content for social media has created a whole new discipline called content creation. Content creation is the hottest and fastest growing area of the business and one of the reasons advertising jobs are at their highest level since 2001 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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24 Feb 2016



On Friday, February 19th, helpkenyanotkanye.com went live. Gabriel, a Miami Ad School grad, tweeted it to media outlets and influencers and, slowly, buzz began to build.

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23 Feb 2016

Six Miami Ad School Graduates Named to The 30 Most Creative Under 30

MAS Grads Generously Populate the List Compiled by Business Insider

Business Insiders' List of the 30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30 has consistently featured young creatives that are on the cusp of becoming huge names in the industry. This years list features five Miami Ad School grads.

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