12 Jan 2016

My First Impression Was That This Place Would Be My Saving Grace

this was like no school I'd been to before

My first impression was that this place would be my saving grace. You see, I had just been offered a starter job. In insurance. It was about the most horrifyingly bleak and boring prospect you can imagine. Grasping at straws, I asked my parents for the chance to tour Miami Ad School. There it was exactly the opposite. With its murals and fluorescent pink walls, I could tell that this was like no school I'd been to before.

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05 Jan 2016

Instagram Features Photo by Miami Ad School New York Student

Kien Quan combined his passion for breakdancing and photography and something magical happened

Find out how Instagram discovered Kien, learn his crazy photo technique (these pics were NOT taken at night), and see more images from his shoot.

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18 Dec 2015

Regular Holiday Gift Wrap is soooo 2015

Create the perfect paper your friends & family will love because your face is on it.

Gift Wrap My Face has solved the problem of boring wrapping paper across the world!

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15 Dec 2015

Why Do We Love Sappy Christmas Commercials?

My Mom and 40 million other people liked these two viral videos that will have you hitting your share button.

If your mom is like my mom, she frequently shares videos with you. People share videos as a way of staying connected. It's a way of sending someone a little message that says, "I was thinking of you. You were on my mind and this cool, unbelievable, beautiful (enter the appropriate descriptor) video reminds me of you."

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24 Nov 2015

Having a Hard Time Deciding on Your Career?

We know why. Creativity is calling.

If you can't decide what career is right for you it’s very likely you'll thrive, grow, bloom and even flourish in a creative career in advertising, design, social media or content creation because these fields incorporate a little of everything: creativity, business, innovation, story-telling, technology, photography, psychology…

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