13 Feb 2016

It's Not WHO You Love. It's THAT You Love.

A strategist's Valentine's Day Experiment

You get on the subway (one of the least friendly places in NYC) and find a rose with a note attached that says "Give this rose to someone that doesn't have one." What would you do?

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11 Feb 2016

What Do You Do When You’re a Planner in Need of Inspiration?

If you're Marco, You go to miami ad school’s boot camp for account planning for a "plannatical."

Marco Ruckenbrod, a planner at Saatchi & Saatchi, takes a sabbatical and goes to Miami Ad School Boot Camp for Account Planning in Sydney and creates a great blog. "Plannatical."

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10 Feb 2016

Stellar Instructors Await San Francisco Boot Camp for Account Planning Students

Planning professionals share their experience and expertise so your dream job can become your real career

As the April 4, 2016 start of Miami Ad School San Francisco’s Boot Camp for Account Planners approaches, the list of instructors that will challenge San Francisco campers keeps growing.

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09 Feb 2016

From Wall Street to Miami Ad School, Then Jobs at MTV, Yahoo and Now His First Feature Film, Stretch and Bobbito

How one graduate's ad school training led to a career as a producer

When he was growing up art had been an important part of Omar Acosta's life but he never thought he could earn a living in a creative career. Omar felt he needed to be more conventional so he started out as a stockbroker trainee. While the year-long, Wall Street job served as a bootcamp in business education it also made Omar realize how important it is to do something with your life that you love.

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08 Feb 2016

Just Kick, Laugh and Hold On

Human Foosball - Everyone Can Play this Game from Real Madrid to Hapless Grandmothers on Walkers

The newest addition to the crazee Miami Ad School Wynwood campus is lots of fun for everyone: seasoned soccer players from Real Madrid pros to hapless grandmothers on walkers. Talent is completely un-necessary; knowledge of the game is also un-necessary. All you do is kick and laugh and hold on.

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