05 Feb 2016

Miami Ad School Dominates 
at the Mobius Awards

Mobius awards recognize students’ creativity

Miami Ad School teams from San Francisco, New York and Mumbai win three of four student awards at the Mobius Worldwide Creativity Competition.

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29 Jan 2016

SUPER BOWL 50: Which Brands Scored? Which Fumbled? You Make the Call.

Weigh in on which Super Bowl spots you think score big and which you think deserve to be sacked.

Miami Ad School is throwing a Super Bowl party and hosting The 3% Conference Tweetup. Real-time feedback from women at the party and across America on their attitudes toward the 2016 Super Bowl commercials will show which spots connect with women. Super Bowl spots that appeal to women have the best return on investment, because women buy products and share on social media in greater numbers than men on Super Bowl Sunday.

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28 Jan 2016

DESIGN should be called FUTURE and It's Yours

Todd Simmons, IBM’s Vice President of Brand Experience and Design

PORTFOLIO CENTER (Miami Ad School's location in Atlanta) along with the Museum of Design Atlanta is sponsoring a series on the evolution of design in business and what role designers play in making a company successful. This is a free series.

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26 Jan 2016

Take Control of Your Career. Become Who You're Meant to Be.

"Be surrounded by people who understand what you’re doing"

At Miami Ad School, from the day you start, you learn by doing. This video, created by three, first-quarter students, is an example of that philosophy. The project, part of their Video Storytelling course, was "Why Miami Ad School?". The finished two-minute video, a collection of interviews of students and staff and footage of the school, tells the reason "why". In the process of telling their story the students learned to shoot, light, direct and edit.

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21 Jan 2016

Tastes Like Chicken

Both of Miami Ad School's Cofounders have their office sofas eaten by new school mascot

All of Miami Ad School's locations are very dog-friendly places (as are many ad agencies, design firms and companies like Google). Students, instructors and staff are welcome to bring their dogs. The school's founders bring their dogs, currently three, to school everyday. When the dogs aren't in class or playing ball they hang out in Ron and Pippa's offices. Lately the newest school mascot, a Doberwoman, has been very busy redecorating. Read the story of the accidental mascot

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