09 Apr 2018

8 Blunders That Could Kill Your Job Interview

Job Interviews are a necessary rite of passage for everyone, and the creative fields are no exception. Avoid these blunders to succeed.

Could you be about to make one of these classic creative job interview blunders? We asked some of New York City’s top creative recruiters the biggest interview mistakes recent graduates are likely to make.

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04 Apr 2018

Write, Think and Make Cool Stuff: Become a Copywriter

Energy BBDO Copywriter, Mishal Jagjivan, Shares What Makes Her Job So Awesome.

“Miami Ad School is a great environment to learn in, because everyone has something different to teach. We all come from different corners of the world!”

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29 Mar 2018

You Won't Believe What Government Considers a Luxury Item

Women Across The United States and Much of the World Are Taxed On the Purchase of Necessary Sanitary Products. Two Students Dramatize the Absurdity with “Necessary Luxuries.”

In 36 states, feminine hygiene products are apparently not considered a necessity. They are therefore subject to sales tax, which makes no sense when items like soda and candy are tax exempt in many of those same locales.

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26 Mar 2018

4 Strategic Planning Boot Camp Grads on Their New Careers

Winners of the Derek Parkin Scholarship Talk About Their New Careers in Strategy

“Learning from so many planners gave us exposure to different kinds of agencies and strategic tips, I am very grateful for the experience.”

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20 Mar 2018

8 Portfolio Tips That Helped 8,000 Graduates Land Jobs

Having great work is the most important part of a successful portfolio. Knowing how to present that work is just as crucial.

“You have to make every little pixel of your portfolio contribute to your personal brand.”

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