02 Mar 2015

Elia Khalaf Creates “A Sound You Can See”

New World Symphony Unveils “Heartbreakers” Poster

Elia Khalaf impressed the New World Symphony with a piece that evoked emotions and left viewers both elated and defeated.

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02 Mar 2015


Musings from Ben Jones, Creative Director, Google

The folks at Google know what they’re doing. I realized that Google makes mistakes and they embrace them. Why? Their goal is to do the best things possible and that can only be achieved by trying relentlessly and by looking for human insights.

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27 Feb 2015

Tips for Your Creative Job Hunt and Mistakes to Avoid

An Interview With Y&R’s Global Creative Talent Recruiter

Yesterday we posted about what Alexis Gianoulis, Global Creative Talent Coordinator for Y&R looks for in a portfolio, why they are important and the value of internships. Today we continue with the interview where she explains the process for juniors in getting their first job, working with the recruiter and mistakes to avoid.

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27 Feb 2015

Design is Creativity in Love with Business.


Being creative is a full-time job. You never disconnect. To some degree you’re always thinking. I think on the go. I’m really good at thinking when I’m moving. When I'm at the gym training I’m also thinking about a new idea. I travel a lot and and I plan during the quiet time on planes. You have to bring a solution to the problem in an unexpected way.

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20 Feb 2015

Miami Ad School Hosts Hack-a-Thon

Are you a hacker? Love code? Join us and Code for America on Feb. 21st!

Create, organize and help answer some of the Miami community’s most commonly asked questions about our government and local neighborhood.

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