05 Jun 2015

He Made Mattel, 20th Century Fox and Saatchi More Creative. Now It Is Your Turn.

One-minute lessons with riCardo Crespo, Chief Creative Officer at th13teen

Students at Miami Ad School select their creative careers with advice and coaching from hundreds of brilliant, creative people. They have the jobs you dream of and teach you the skills you need to be hired in their companies. riCardo (That is not a typo, he spells his name that way) has had the coolest jobs. Hear the career advice he gave our students. It's the kind of career advice Miami Ad School students get everyday.

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02 Jun 2015

Two Creative Spirits and A Unicorn

Miami Ad School welcomes Portfolio Center into our global network.

Why on earth did the co-founder of Miami Ad School give Portfolio Center a unicorn?

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27 May 2015

Do You Know Which Advertising Agency Has Hired the Most Miami Ad School Students?

748 of our students have been art directors, copywriters, strategists and designers at this top agency.

You'll find Miami Ad School students and grads at the best advertising agencies in the world but one agency has loved Miami Ad School the most. See the top five ad agencies that together have selected more than 2,557 of our students and grads for internships and jobs.

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19 May 2015

How Do You Come Up With Extraordinary Ideas?

The Best Ideas Do One of Three Things.

In today's innovation economy people are swamped with media, ideas and noise. Find out how to create ideas that will stand out, build brands and add value to peoples' lives.

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18 May 2015

How I Got the Chance to Work on a Hip Hop Documentary

Miami Ad School's Network Made It All Possible.

Having Miami Ad School as a common link helped me land my first job in the film industry faster than I ever dreamed.

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