10 Feb 2015

Join Us for Free Events, Speakers & Workshops


Miami Ad School hosts tons of events. You’re invited! • Hear a talk on creativity, UX, or innovation. • Take a workshop and improve your presentation skills or digital strategy. • Participate in a hackathon, AIGA, IXDA or AdFed event. • Laugh till you pee your pants at stand-up comedy night.

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08 Feb 2015

Miami Ad School X Google Firestarters

Creativity in a Constrained World

Miami Ad School students take a front row seat at Google Firestarter's event, "Creativity in a Constrained World".

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27 Jan 2015

From bank VP to award-winning art director.

How I found a career I love at Miami Ad School.

​At 29, I thought I had life figured out. I was a Vice President for an International Bank in Panama, my country. I had my music on almost every single radio station. I was living a pretty decent life. While on a trip to Miami I saw a sign that made me question my career choice. 'Thou shall not do boring advertising' were the words that make me quit my career to follow my dream.

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23 Jan 2015

From new student to illustrator and author.

A first quarter assignment brought to life characters from another world.

The Idea Presentation course is the beginning of your creative journey. Superstar instructor, Kim Capron Gonzalez, helps students jump right in at Miami Ad School.

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19 Jan 2015

Bulgaria to Brooklyn, finding my way to Miami Ad School.

First impressions of a creative new world by first quarter art direction student, Martina Solakova.

First walk to school. Anxious, like my first ever school day. Skyscrapers. Art stores. Fancy cafes. Happy faces. A creative smell in the air. Fresh breeze. It feels like dawn, clean, pure, waking up to a new beginning.

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