09 Jan 2018

Want to intern at Droga5? We can help make that happen.

You too can intern at the “Global Agency of the Year” Droga5. Copywriting student Dave Adams did just that through Miami Ad School.

“Long story short—we got the internship, and still haven’t quite recovered from the shock.”

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08 Dec 2017

The Only Show During Art Basel That You Can Only See When You Can Not See

Miami Ad School Art Direction Students Elisa Sain and Cris Cordero Create "Basel Braille" for the National Federation for the Blind.

TAKEOUT—the Experience Delivery Service that focuses on creating unique and lasting experience for brands and organizations—was founded by Miami Ad School art direction students Elisa Sain and Cris Cordero. The creative duo has focused on creating a counterculture of art as something personal and lasting. Something that goes beyond an Instagram post.

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30 Nov 2017

When it Comes to Strategic Planning, the Right Mentors Can Make All the Difference

Danielle McKinley on lessons from two stellar mentors during the past three weeks of the Boot Camp for Strategic Planning.

“Planning is the place where you can be most eclectic—outside of being a professional artist. You’re hired specifically for your point of view in the world.”

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28 Nov 2017

R/GA's Jess Greenwood: Is Strategic Planning For You?

R/GA VP, Content & Partnerships and Miami Ad School Boot Camp for Strategic Planning mentor, Jess Greenwood, on how you can tell if a career in strategy is the right fit for you.

Miami Ad School Boot Camp for Strategic Planning mentor Jess Greenwood on what makes a good planner.

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15 Nov 2017

Will You Be a Good Creative Partner?

Being a good creative partner is like being a good spouse—you need to be compatible and it’s best if you actually like each other. Copywriting student Max Mager gives us his take on partnerships, from the writer’s point of view.

"We met in school, and we've been working together for five years, or roughly 1,877 days. But who's counting?”

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