18 Sep 2013

Do you lose your keys, phone or dog? Lapa can help.

Grad Mariana Rodrigues Launches A Social Lost And Found

Recently we heard from a 2011 Miami Ad School - Miami grad and a useful product she is creating. Three years ago while on Quarter Away in San Francisco she, with her partner Daniel Garcia, was in a class that concepted new products. They came up with a piece of GPS enabled luggage to track when it was lost.

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27 Aug 2013

8 Miami Ad School New York students kick off 48 hour challenge

#48hoursofdifference helps Kite Patch fight against malaria

Kite Patch is a sticker designed to block mosquitoes' ability to track humans for 48 hours. Malaria continues to kill a child every minute of the day. But by making humans invisible to mosquitoes, Kite Patch has the power to significantly impact malaria transmission rates.

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19 Jul 2013

Clammers and Tanners Coming to A TV Near You, Not Really

Grad Patrick Regan Creates Real, Fake Advertising

Have you seen a commercial for the new reality television show “Meet The Tanners” and thought to yourself “Where is my remote, I have to DVR this!” only to find out the promo is for a fake, albeit, very real looking show?

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31 May 2013

The Evolution of Creative Education

Ron Seichrist Discusses Portfolio Schools In A New Book For Aspiring Creatives

The Get A Job Workshop, edited by Laurence Minsky, is a book filled with insights and advice from advertising professionals in all areas of the industry. It is a great round-up of the three keys to a job in the creative field - the search, your portfolio and your reputation

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01 May 2013

Rick Liebling Discusses The Speed of Which Culture is Changing


Recently Rick Liebling, Creative Culturalist at Y&R New York, stopped by the Miami location for their Industry Heroes series. Check out the videos below to see Rick discuss the role of a creative culturalist, protecting a brand’s “blind side” and dealing with the blitz scheme, cultural singularity and the speed of change, how a porn star becoming a mainstream actress has more to do with brands than you think and ultimately, why the more we know, the less we understand.

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