31 Jan 2013

Using Social Media to Pitch In and Clean Up Our World

Jeff Kirschner Crowdsources Community Improvement With Litterati

Litter is not only an eyesore, bringing down the community aesthetics, but it is also a financial burden. According to a study done by Keep America Beautiful, the direct cost of litter cleanup and prevention each year is about $11.5 billion dollars.

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28 Jan 2013

Portfolio School Should Be More Than Just Creating A Book

Sean Wright Talks About His Internship and Experience at Digitas

Our students come to Miami Ad School because they’ve discovered the creative side of advertising and need to build a portfolio. Although our classes are practical and taught by working professionals, nothing is more valuable than real-world experience.

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17 Jan 2013

Portfolio School Student Wins Miami Beach Art Deco Poster Contest

Miami Ad School Art Director Matt Kern’s Design Displayed This Weekend

A few years ago, the Miami Design Preservation League decided to open a competition for their annual Miami Beach Art Deco Weekend promotional poster. Previously created by commissioned artists, the contest gives an art student the chance to win the Barbara Baer Capitman Design Scholarship and have their design showcased in a global forum.

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28 Aug 2012

Jurgen Egger Orchenius and Dong Hun Lee win Lürzer's Archive Student of the Year

Fourth Consecutive Year for Miami Ad School Europe Students

Lürzer’s Archive crowned Miami Ad School Europe’s Jurgen Egger Orchenius and Dong Hun Lee Students of the Year. This is the fourth year in a row that students from the Hamburg location are the recipients of this prestigious honor. The concept is simple, as are most great ideas, with great insight.

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01 Aug 2012

Photo Student Sandra Arenas Featured in CMYK 53

She is taking the world by storm, one picture at a time.

There are people who think that there are no mistakes in life, everything is a learning experience, everything happens for a reason. Well, in Sandra Arenas’ case, this could not be closer to the truth. When CMYK put out their call for entries for the Top 100 New Creatives, Sandra sent in close to 50 pieces.

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