07 Nov 2014

A childhood memory inspired Jim Winters to reinvent the rotosphere. A chance meeting at an art festival gave this rotosphere a home at Miami Ad School in Wynwood.

An interview with Jim Winters, neon artist and founder of Bulldog Neon.

PS: I've never seen a school for neon? How did you get into the business? JW: I picked up neon in the late 80"s when I started to make neon spark plug wires for cars and motorcycles, then the whole Miami Vice/Sobe era hit and people started asking me to make all kinds of neon, hence the birth of Bulldog Neon. I'm a former Marine so the bulldog seemed to be the perfect logo and mascot for my company.

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03 Nov 2014

Street Artist, Kislow, returns with his spray cans to paint Miami Ad School's Wynwood walls.

Come for a tour, see his work and on Dec. 5 get a lesson in the art of aerosol.

Almost a year ago, during Art Basel 2013, we hosted a talented street-artist from Crimea who painted on one of our walls, a mural that represents the migration process of creative minds. This artist is now a dear friend of Miami Ad School and he will be back for the school's Grand Opening event during Art Basel 2014.

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27 Oct 2014

Miami Ad School invites a dozen, internationally-famous street artists to use the school's magenta walls as their canvas.

Get to know the artists who are coming to create with us

Miami Ad School will unveil the artists' murals at our Grand Opening party on December 5th, as part of the Art Basel festivities. Attendees will have the chance to not just SEE art, but DO art. Guests will learn to back jump and play exquisite cadaver with street artists including Kislow, NYCHOS, Seth the Globepainter, Dome, Alex Senna, Louis Masai, Omen, Sheryo, Yok, Morik, Aber and more.

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23 Oct 2014

Halloween MAS Murder Party

Put on your scariest face and come party with us.

In Miami? You’re invited to our Halloween Costume Party celebrating the School’s new campus in Wynwood.

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14 Oct 2014

Social Media is not NEW media, it's NOW media.

Are you as a marketer, ready to transform a brand into a social character?

Brands are constantly changing, and looking for new ideas and ways to reach their audience, but now Social Media has opened a door for the audience to reach back. The monologue it’s over. It’s time to hear and respond. It is time for interaction and social engagement. It is time for Social Media

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