07 Feb 2018

Account Planning, Brand Strategy, Strategic Planning, Ninja what? Is the Discipline Having an Identity Crisis?

Since its arrival in the United States over 35 years ago, Account Planning has been accepted as a necessary advertising discipline. The name? Not so much…

“It turns out that one of the only things all of our teachers agreed on was how much they disliked the ‘account planner’ job title.”

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02 Feb 2018

12 Interviews in One Day? It Can Happen to You at Portfolio Review.

At Miami Ad School's Portfolio Reviews, Advertising Agencies From All Over The Country Come to Interview You.

Companies come to Miami Ad School's Portfolio Reviews to hire top creative talent, and that's exactly what they do. 

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30 Jan 2018

Advertising Awards Mean Advertising Jobs

Miami Ad School Students Are the Most-Awarded In the World. While Winning, As the Saying Goes, Isn't Everything, Awards Get You Noticed, Interviewed and Hired.

Advertising awards put students on the radar of creative recruiters all over the world. Students get noticed, and then they get interviews. Job offers are soon to follow.

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23 Jan 2018

A Glimpse Inside One of the Top Graphic Design Schools in Atlanta—and the World.

Peek Inside One of the Top Graphic Design Schools in the World. It just happens to be in Atlanta.

Some of the most creative, inventive and successful people in the world have walked through the front door at Portfolio Center and honed their craft. Why not you?

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18 Jan 2018

Where Will a Creative Career Take You? Maybe to a Job in Entertainment.

Creative careers are more varied than ever today. Read one art director’s story on how he ended up at the global leader in live entertainment.

Creative careers today take many forms. You can work in a variety of places—media companies, digital platforms, entertainment companies, brands and, yes, advertising agencies too.

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