11 May 2017

Making Your Dreams Come True: Taking That First Step

Join us for a free workshop at the New York Festivals, Thursday, May 18th from 2:30 – 4:00 PM.

You’ve got great dreams—it’s time to get going on making them come true. Get some wisdom from folks who have done just that.

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09 May 2017

Opera Singer, Circus Performer, Attorney: What Students Did Before They Found Miami Ad School

No matter where you start, you can find your way to becoming who you are meant to be.

Miami Ad School students have done all sorts of things before they found that a creative career was the thing they most wanted.

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04 May 2017

Celebrating the Planner With the Biggest Heart: 
The Derek Parkin Scholarship

We can help people and even change the world by learning to work together.

The Derek Parkin Scholarship rewards the planner not only with the biggest mind, but the biggest heart.

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29 Apr 2017

Miami Ad School Punta Cana Launches With Kevin Allen’s "Getting To Great" Workshop

Miami Ad School Punta Cana, the first school location in the Caribbean, is open for business.

​After a combined 20 years of service at Miami Ad School Miami and Miami Ad School New York, Jose Guillermo and Willie Diaz—alongside their team—proudly performed a ribbon cutting ceremony announcing to the Caribbean and Central America that Miami Ad School is now officially open for business in the neighborhood.

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26 Apr 2017

12 Weeks in Atlanta to Change Your Social Media World Forever

Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Social Media is coming to Atlanta this summer. Here are the class topics and events you have to look forward to over the course of 12 life-changing weeks.

Take your career to the next level at the Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Social Media, coming to Atlanta for the very first time. Classes start July 3rd.

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