21 Apr 2017

You Don’t Know Any Victims of Police Brutality? Are You Sure?

Miami Ad School San Francisco team creates “Six Degrees,” a Facebook campaign that shows how the issue of police brutality affects us all.

Despite what we may think, the victims of police brutality are not statistics but real people who are closer to us than we might imagine.

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17 Apr 2017

Take Your Career Up a Notch: The Boot Camp for Account Planning Is Back in San Francisco

This July 3rd, Miami Ad School’s Boot Camp for Account Planning is back in San Francisco. Learn how this boot camp can ramp up your career and change your life.

The Boot Camp for Account Planning returns to San Francisco July 3, 2017. Get ready for a career-enhancing, life-changing experience.

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13 Apr 2017

54K Social Media Jobs Are Available On LinkedIn Right Now

Land an opportunity in one of the fastest-growing career fields. Get the skills you need in just 12 weeks in Atlanta starting July 3rd.—apply by May 26th.

The need for social media skills in today’s business world is as obvious as the need for savvy professionals who know how to get results.

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11 Apr 2017

Agile Brainstorming Workshop is This April in Toronto!

“The entrepreneur that does not innovate—inevitably ages & declines, and in a period of rapid change such as the present—the decline will be fast.” –Peter F. Drucker

Coming to Miami Ad School Toronto this April 26th and 27th—Update your unproductive brainstorming process and generate ideas that will actually work for your business.

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06 Apr 2017

#StriptheFur and Stand Against Animal Cruelty

Miami Ad School New York students launch a social media campaign calling attention to the inhumanity of the fur trade and invite you to feel the pain.

“The anti-fur issue is very relevant. The numbers are staggering—millions upon millions of animals are slaughtered in the name of fashion.”

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