03 Oct 2017

Network Your Way To A Creative Career

Networking is more than schmoozing. Making connections is an essential career skill, and one that Miami Ad School teaches you on your first day of school.

At Miami Ad School, you’ll have networking opportunities every single day. These priceless chances to make contacts will enrich your creative career.

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02 Oct 2017

Creativity Is A Superpower: Miami Ad School Student Helps #BuildTheWalls After Mexico Earthquake

Miami Ad School New York copywriter Ana Miraglia takes divisive rhetoric and turns it into a force for good.

Now, more than ever, Mexico needs help building a great deal of walls. New York copywriter Ana Miraglia uses her talents to pitch in.

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28 Sep 2017

Why You’ll Love a Career in Design: Ken Carbone

Design legend and friend of Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center Ken Carbone shares what a creative career in design has meant to him.

“Seeing the world through the lens of design has made me hyper-visual and curious about the wonders of the world.” — Ken Carbone

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19 Sep 2017

5 Writing Tips I Learned at Miami Ad School

Promising student copywriter Caleb Fils-Aime, recounts the important lessons he learned from Miami Ad School Co-Founder, Ron Seichrist.

Having a class with the legendary co-founder of Miami Ad School could understandably be intimidating, but the lessons Caleb learned paid off. Now he’s sharing them with you.

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15 Sep 2017

Phoenix Suns Draft Rookie Designer Alex Cohen

He was a design student getting ready to graduate in Atlanta. In just two short weeks he became a full-fledged sports designer in Phoenix. Alex lands his dream job with the Suns.

Alex Cohen set a new record. In two weeks flat he went from graduating design student putting his portfolio together to a designer for the Suns. Cross-country move included.

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