Google and Miami Ad School Train the Future Creative Leaders.

An Educational Partnership That Helps Students Gain A Professional Edge.

The students at Miami Ad School are known for being at the cutting edge of technology and the communications industry. It's easy to see why Google chose to partner with Miami Ad School locations all over the world to teach students all of the products, tools and resources that Google has to offer and how to use them in innovative ways. We give you a little sneak peek into this world with guest lectures and demonstrations of the various Google Tools. Take a look at a few videos below then head over to our YouTube page to see more.

Google Is Not Just Search - Collaborate, Gain Insight, Create Better Campaigns.

Collaborative Technology

Janine Gianfredi, Creative Agency Lead, kicked off our partnership with a lesson on Google Docs. It’s a great tool for brainstorming and collaborating. At Miami Ad School we use it within classes as part of the critiquing process. During class, all students are able to edit and add to the project along with the teacher, making classes more interactive!

Search is the Glue

Google's Senior Agency Relationship Manager, Brian Moroz, helps Miami Ad School students expand their current perceptions of Google Search and teaches them how to add value to their campaign. By giving searchers an additional "prize" once they've searched and found your brand, you can create a new brand relationship and be on the top of consumer's minds.

Promote in a Clever Way

How can you create something interesting, creative and engaging that could also get media coverage around a search campaign? Brian Moroz discusses how thinking about people's behaviors while they are engaging within Google Search can lead you to create unique campaigns and set your brand apart from the typical “click here to buy” brands.

Minimum Viable Brief

Minimum viable products, protoypes that you can play with and feel, help investors get the ball rolling faster than reading about a concept in a long business plan. Cecelia Wogan-Silva, Director, Independent Ad Agency Relations, talks about translating the same concept into the agency with the Minimum Viable Brief. A jumping off point that gets creatives started on their process in a shorter amount of time by using various Google Tools and not a lengthy brief.

Human Truth Mining Tools

Take advantage of the “world’s largest focus group.” Kevin Foote, Senior Lead / Digital Marketing Evangelist, Agency Business Development, discusses Google Think Insights and how to see what is trending. With a wealth of research, insights and point of views of experts from around the world, it is a great one-stop location to get your creative juices flowing. Also, see how The Force: Volkswagen Commercial used YouTube to create their award-winning 2011 Super Bowl commercial.

Google Suggests

Joelle Keane Tramel, Business Development, shows how Google Insight Tools can help brands by understanding the functional and emotional needs of the consumer. Something as simple as Google Suggest, the words that come up and finish your sentence when you start your query, shows the behavior of your customer. Knowing what people look for when looking for you online can guide decisions you make when designing a website, a new marketing campaign or even the direction of your creative.


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