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Digitas: Advertising Internships in Chicago

Students get real-world experience at Digitas.

Digitas recently added monster clients Sprint, Taco Bell, and Ebay to the roster, but more importantly, we have Bagel Fridays, cornhole in the kitchen, fully stocked fridges, and free food constantly. Oh, we also run Miller Lite, Kitchen Aid, and a whole lot more. Always on Illinois' best places to work list and always a good time. Everyone at Digitas works hard and plays harder. Sure, we've got Cannes Lions and One Show Pencils, but more importantly we have the best staff in the business. The Miami Ad School students have mentors and lots of portfolio-building projects to work on.

Digitas: Advertising Internships in Chicago

"I teach to provide others what was provided for me. But it's also about raising the bar for the business we work in by cranking out graduates that are rock stars."

- Matthew Weiner, VP, Creative Director, Digitas and Miami Ad School graduate.

Digitas: Advertising Internships in Chicago

168 Bagels - 108 Drawings - Endless connections

Our first assigment from our instructor at the Agency Lab in Digitas was to introduce ourselves to the agency on Bagel Friday. The six of us students did 30-second charactures of all the staff to break the ice. What a great project to start the quarter and so much fun!

Lapiz: Advertising Internships in Chicago

"From the cool projects I was assigned to how people treated me, my internship at Lapiz did not feel like one at all. And that's amazing. I really learned about this business."

Alejandro Perez, art direction student.

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