Study and Intern in Dubai

Ogilvy One, Dubai

I had amazing mentors who treated me as a professional from day one.

"Dubai is one of the most international cities in the world and OgilvyOne is just as international: you’ll get to know and work with people from virtually everywhere. I learned a lot about the Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries through my internship, and I don’t think I could get that knowledge and experience anywhere else. I had amazing mentors who treated me as a professional from day one and I even got hired as a freelancer after my internship. So yes, Dubai is a land of opportunity and so is OgilvyOne. That is, If you’re not afraid of heights."

- Antonio Neto, art direction student

"From the weather, to the folks at Ogilvy, everything here is warm. The agency is the perfect size so you get to know everyone from HR to accounts to the CD and everyone in between on a personal level. Maintaining good relationships with them is effortless because every single person is extremely nice and helpful. It's been a perfect balance of good work and a little bit craziness around the office which made it my best internship so far."

- Bilal Sheikh, copywriting student

Ogilvy One, Dubai

I concepted and executed work that got produced. I also worked on pitches along with the rest of the creatives at Ogilvy.

"The team at OgilvyOne Dubai handles digital pieces and campaigns. While I was there, I worked on Fanta, Pepsi, RSA Insurance, Philips, Volvo, IBM and British Airlines.

The agency is packed with professionals who are amazing at their work and are great people too – the environment made you ‘want’ to do quality work, because everybody is so very talented. 

The team works really hard – you get to work by 9am and finish by 8pm. Weekends were free though, unless there was a big pitch happening. Colleagues were happy to show the new folk around Dubai and made sure you had a good time.

We worked on 3 pitches during my time there, one after the other. While this is stressful, the atmosphere was kept light, thanks to constant banter, jokes, music and collaboration.

If you’re eager to learn and put yourself out there the organization gladly gives back in credit, recommendations or giving you the opportunity to work on even better projects and brands. 

I recommend OgilvyOne, Dubai. It truly is a full and complete immersion, both into an advertising environment and forma mentis, as well as into a unique culture, which you won't be able to get a taste of anywhere else.

I still keep in touch with many of the people at the agency and miss them a lot! I hope one day our paths will cross again and I'll be able to share another laugh or two with everyone."

- Gaia Armellin, art direction student




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