Study and Intern in Miami

"We take the agency lab very, very seriously. We go out of our way to guarantee that assignments are real, coming from real clients and having a certain likelihood of actually being implanted, if the deliverables are good. We never have students working on mock assignments or in menial jobs. 

We hand them a real project, make sure they are properly trained and mentored and have them present directly to real clients in a real business set-up. I personally work with them and try to be very engaged in the assignments we give them. We love the energy and passion they bring to the agency and so do our clients!!"

Y&R, Miami

You're part of the team from day one.

"As a former intern, I can say that this place is all about real-client experience from the very beginning. You’re part of the team and that means tons of work for AT&T, FedEx, Wendy’s, Unilever, Coca-Cola and many other brands. This truly improves your way of thinking in terms of developing ideas from scratch. You’ll find people laughing all the time. It’s a great place to be and where I wanted to work when I graduated."

-Andrés Martínez, copywriting graduate, hired at Y&R Miami    

McCann, Miami

I had the opportunity to be involved throughout the complete development of a campaign, something that wouldn't be possible at most agencies.

The process began by actually meeting with the client to learn firsthand what they needed. I was able to ask questions about their goals, which allowed me to concept and present work that would meet their objectives. Mentors guided me through the entire project, allowing me to deliver my very best work. 

Students work on a Brief for Frigidaire

Frigidaire wanted to refresh their ambient marketing presence near the point of sale in Central America. 

The students came up with the idea of placing ads on escalators and elevators in shopping malls. The client loved it so much that it was actually produced and installed. 

Sapient Nitro, Miami

"We love Miami Ad School students – so much, that nearly half our creative department have graduated from there or teach there. What you’ll learn from us isn’t how to do a big TV spot. (But we’ll teach you that anyways.) Rather, how to come up with big ideas. Big ideas that can create a story in any medium. So, get your quills, Wacoms, pens, sharpies and Mac’s ready. And come soak up everything those beautiful creative minds of yours can."

Rob Kleman, Executive Creative Director, Sapient Nitro

Y&R, Miami

The interns get to brainstorm on all different kinds of projects.

"As an intern at Y&R Miami, you're always sought out for fresh ideas. Since I started the internship, I am constantly asked to brainstorm for different projects, and they always listen to my ideas. They are never shut out; if anything, they're reinforced by the other creatives in the room."

-Alexandra Alonso, art direction intern 

Sapient Nitro

My internship experience was key in me getting the job that I have today, which is the best job ever!

"My situation was slightly different from the rest of students...I was a Gen X with a job and a family with only 3 hours of sleep. But when I got accepted at Sapient, I took the risk and quit the job that I had. I was sooo excited about such a great opportunity! It was exactly was I was looking for. The experience and the people were amazing. One day, Juan Morales, then the Creative Director, came to me and told me: “Karla, I assigned you to work on the “It Must Be The Sunshine” outdoor campaign for Don’t let me down...” And I didn’t. The work I did was a total success and it was advertised in cities like Boston and Chicago. When Juan Morales moved to PwC, he called me as part of his team."

- Karla De Vita, art direction graduate, Art Director, PwC


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