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The interns with Mr. Mithun, the founder of Mithun.

If you’re a hardy soul seeking out a creative way of life, your work only tells one part of your larger story. Sure, it says a lot about who you are, where you’ve been, who your influences are, and whether or not you’re good, but you’ll need more than a solid book to build a career. Your story is set inside a demanding, unforgiving realm that only favors the brave, the multifaceted, the cross-disciplinary, the relentless and the unwavering faithful. For years, you’ve thrown your battered shoulder against the grindstone to continually grind out insightful thinking that explores undiscovered territory. You’ve assembled a body of work no one else could ever come up with. Work that says something about you that no one else can imitate. You’ve developed your own unique voice. You know what you like, don’t like, and why. Bottom line: You have a POV and sense of purpose around what truly drives you to create. That glimmer in your eye speaks it. Your bold actions proclaim it. Your ambition screams it.

If you are an overly zealous student with a head full of audacious dreams, a full heart, a fist full of inventive ideas, and are ready to ply your newly honed skillset in the maelstrom of the modern creative world, then here’s your chance.

Mithun is built on the belief that everything talks. Every part of a brand’s experience, identity, insights, products and services is chance to tell a bigger, more emotional story. We’re looking for adventurous storytellers who are constantly scratching at the walls to create new things. Big things. Provocative things. We are hell bent on pushing the way brands communicate with their consumers to get people talking. Mithun will show you how distill down your unique creative POV into its most potent form. Then use it to strip away the many layers of powerful data to uncover insights that lead to the kind of work that not only makes you rich and famous; it truly changes the world. We call it, “Creative Sciences.” It’s an innovative way to solve our clients’ problems the right way. No matter what form it takes, or how or where it gets the job done.

Here, you won’t get coffee, file papers or run errands. You’ll be thrown right onto the forge and hammered into a battle-hardened creative via real-world assignments. This is your chance to leap frog those who are gunning for the few precious open creative jobs with beautifully produced work, and a deep wealth of experience to fatten up your LinkedIN profile. Don’t take our word for it, read what the brave souls who came before you said about their Mithun experiences. You’ll see why Mithun was rated the second greatest Ad Agency internship in the US by



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Step 1 - Download and complete the application.

Step 2 - Schedule a question and answer session.

Step 3 - Show us your creative samples and complete the creative assignments.

Step 4 - Send in your application, creative samples, and application fee.


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