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People Ideas & Culture: Advertising Internships in New York

"Miami Ad School students bring a well rounded, worldly perspective that is fun to interact with. They think big and bold in agency brainstorms, and are overall a pleasure to work with."

- Karen Trudeau, Community Architect

Y&R: Advertising Internships in New York

Rosetta: Advertising Internships in New York

Students at Rosetta create campaign for Fleisher's Brooklyn store opening.

As part of the Miami Ad School experience, students in their second year of the Portfolio Program can attend other schools within the global network, take classes in agencies and participate in internships. It is part of the Quarter Away system and learn-by-doing phillosophy. One such opportunity is documented in the following video.  Our students worked on a picth at Rosseta for Fleisher's Brooklyn store opening. They toured the location. Met with the client and created a campign all while getting valuable guidance from creatives within the agency. After they pitched their idea and it was chosen, they got to work learning the process of concept to production.

DDB: Advertising Internships in New York

The Launchpad program kicked my ass.

"We slept at the agency to make deadlines, and presented to real clients. It's like school, but with way more pressure and way more work. It was the single most crucial part of Miami Ad School."


- Michael Kushner, art direction graduate, with his copy writing partner and fellow Miami Ad School grad, Daniel Paredes

Droga5: Advertising Internships in New York

From our first day at the agency we felt like a junior team because we were treated like one.

"After hearing we got the internship at Droga5, we threw our hands in the air, ate a large pizza and fell asleep. We couldn’t have been more excited.

We quickly learned that there isn’t a typical day at Droga5 and that’s why it’s such a great place to learn. Our two mentors, who started the internship program, really made sure we had the best experience possible. 

Our advice to future interns is that you don’t have to be the best. Just fool everyone by working hard. Also, end all emails with a lowercase initial. We don’t know why, but it just feels so good."

e+j   (Evan Barkoff and Jimmy Morrissey, copywriting/art direction team, hired by Droga5)

Y&R: Advertising Internships in New York

One intern's experience and side-project at Y&R

"As interns at Y&R, we were always busy concepting for campaigns and stunts that the agency had come up with, but needed more ideas for. At Y&R, there are white booths with white dry-erase walls where we would go to concept. We were there for hours on end, trying to be creative. So the challenge became to “Think outside the box, inside this cube”, a play on thinking outside the box when you are quite literally stuck inside one.

Using that line as my brief, I started the Boothd project, and began creating daily content inside the cubes, both as a challenge to myself and to refresh my mind between projects. Each piece either used the banal space in an interesting way (such as by visually interacting with the hanging lamp or with other interns who were sitting in the booths) or poked fun at corporate culture, and each drove to the Tumblr where I catalogued the content for anyone in the agency to see.

The project helped draw attention to me and the other interns, since creatives were constantly seeing new work in the concepting booths as they walked around the agency or used the spaces, themselves. I was then offered a paid internship at VML, the full-service digital agency that is partnered with Y&R NY, and shares the same floor. I’m pretty sure I got the VML gig because of my work ethic, not the Boothd project, but what I learned is that the most important thing you can do in an ad agency is to make your time there as enjoyable as possible. Because every brief and planner and critique session and killed idea and late night and creative team quarrel will try to bring you down.

In the end, Boothd was about having irreverent fun. So my advice for future interns: work hard, but don’t take your work too seriously. Go forth. Conquer. Bring beer."

- Adam Hauptman, copywriting graduate, hired at Tierney Communications

People Ideas & Culture: Advertising Internships in New York

Students build their network of industry contacts.

"PI&C is a perfect blend of passionate people, great ideas and team-oriented culture. I was lucky enough to spend my sixth quarter there and my experience surpassed all expectations. I tackled real-world briefs and brainstormed with an enthusiastic bunch of creatives. I was expected to be a jack-of-all-trades and was thrown into new challenges everyday. All this helped shape my creative muscles and prepared me to face the agency world. Plus I made great friends there and have stayed in touch with them even today."

- Hrudika Gariba, copywriting student

"PI&C is big in creativity and even better in opportunities. I learned from the agency's extremely talented team and the opportunities they gave me became new ideas in my portfolio. I graduated and have a job now. PI&C gets some of the credit."

- JV Freire, art direction student


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