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Saying goodbye sucks.

Dean & Johanna's idea:  The Kleenex, "Goodbye Box" will be strategically positioned in airports, where passengers are forced to part ways with their loved ones. At this point, the one being left behind can enter the box and record a proper goodbye. A pack of Kleenex will dispense and the video will start. Upon completion, they simply need to enter the passegers mobile number and the video will be instantly sent via SMS. The passenger will receive the heartfelt goodbye before boarding.

The twist however is that Kleenex prepresentatives will be watching the goodbye videos in real time. They will be searching for the perfect candidate to surprise with a ticket on the very same plane. For those lucky individuals the boarding pass will print out, causing a rush of excitement, and ensuing emotional moment when they meet at the gate.


Students interns get real-world advertising agency experience Down Under.


The interns concepted and appeared in full page ads.

Problem: Drunk violence in Sydney has reached epidemic proportions. Innocent people are falling victim to the senseless and unprovoked act, now known as, "coward punch".

Solution: This campaign challenges the good people of Sydney to stand up against this pathetic form of violence. To unite together and tell their personal opinion.

How it works: Information booths will be set up throughout Sydney. Their function - to teach people about the movement, raise the awareness of drunk violence, and explain the role they can play making the street safer.

So this is what you need to do: First, make a fist, or two fists. Now write on your fingers a word you would personally use to describe these people - don't be nice. Lastly, take a photo of it, upload it to Facebook or Instagram, and use the hashtag #Fists4Good. We will then add your photo to the wall, united with the rest of Sydney.


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