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A few of our grads hired through job posts.

Miami Ad School graduate Shelley Chidley Miami Ad School graduate job Mistress

"Miami Ad School made me a Mistress. When the L.A based Mistress ad agency was only a few years old, I recieved an email mentioning they were looking for talent. I had never heard of them, and never would have become one of the first creatives they hired had it not been for the heads up from Miami Ad School. I ended up doing work for Hot Wheels and Jagermeister and even won a few Cannes Lions along the way."

Shelley Chidley Senior Copywriter at Omelete, LA
Miami Ad School graduate Daniel Bajusz Miami Ad School graduate job Goodby Silverstein

"Shortly after graduating, I received my first lead from the school that led to my first job at DOJO SF. My recruiter at DOJO left and referred me to some people at my dream agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners. I've been working on exciting and juicy clients that will make you drool. Hard work, passion, loyalty and dedication paid off but the school’s leads have also proven to be the best source for networking with people in the industry."

Daniel Bajusz Junior Art Director Goodby Silverstein & Partners, SF
Miami Ad School graduate Shelley Chidley Miami Ad School graduate job Mistress

"Deciding to freelance is like jumping ship and waving the crew goodbye from your sweet makeshift raft. You're sailing solo and you need to negotiate your next port of call. I use Miami Ad School's emails to collect recruiters' contact info and then hit them up when the time is right. So far so good, as I've recently booked great gigs at DDB and Duncan/Channon."

Katherine Fernandez Freelance Copywriter San Francisco

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